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    CoreLibs is the centerpiece of the upcoming AdGuard 2.0 for Mac update, and we've just discovered some minor problems with it. Nonetheless, we consider them important enough to release one more beta to fix these problems before unleashing the new stable version into the world. We've also made a few localization updates.

    This version on github.
    Direct download

    Welcome the first AdGuard 2.0 for Mac release candidate! The changes are minimal compared to the recent beta, but there’s one that’s worth your attention: the introduction of AdGuard Extra userscript. By the way, we plan to transition this version into a stable one if everything goes well.

    [Added] AdGuard Extra extension #492

    In some complicated cases, the usual approach with filtering rules just doesn’t work. In particular, in some cases of ad blocker circumvention/ad reinjection. So we came up with an alternative solution — a userscript. For those unfamiliar, userscripts are basically mini programs that modify web pages and augment browsing.

    AdGuard Extra does it in a way that makes it harder for websites to employ the circumvention/reinjection techniques. AdGuard for Mac is the first AdGuard product to get this addition, we are thrilled to see it in action and read your feedback on it.

    [Fixed] Description for “Strip tracking parameters” option #398
    [Fixed] The list of filtered apps gets reset after an update #473
    [Fixed] Vivaldi browser is not filtered #475
    [Fixed] Microsoft Edge browser is not filtered #487
    [Fixed] AdGuard doesn’t start automatically on the system startup #480

    This version on github.
    Direct download

    When it comes to AdGuard for Mac, we prefer a steady, even methodical approach. Eliminate all bugs, make sure nothing is left unnoticed. This is one of those betas where we clean everything up: fix bugs, improve some of the features and so on. We’ll let it run for a while, monitor it for anything that resembles a missed bug, and if is all is good, we’ll stick a “2.0 stable” label on it.

    NOTE: if you currently have AdGuard installed to any folder except for /Applications, the old version will launch after the update anyway. In such case you need to close and uninstall the old AdGuard. Users who have AdGuard installed to /Applications already can update as usual.

    [Changed] Developer ID has been changed #460
    Application’s Developer ID has been changed to Adguard Software Limited. This shouldn’t concern you much, but if you are curious why, it’s because of the problem we ran into on Mojave. Basically, all new and updated apps on Mojave now have to be notarized. In the future this will be mandatory for all applications. And part of the notarization process for us was changing the Developer ID.

    Ad blocking
    • [Added] An indicator for modified cookies in the Filtering Log #386
    • [Fixed] "Proceed anyway" button does not work #369
    • [Fixed] "Rule" is missing from the Filtering Log item details #404
    • [Fixed] AdGuard crashes after editing the User filter #436
    • [Fixed] Receiving "Filter activated automatically" notification for already activated filters #366
    • [Fixed] Records with empty URL in the filtering log #342
    • [Fixed] Some filters become enabled after every app update #437
    • [Fixed] Whitelist shows comments from User Filter after update #452
    • [Fixed] Compatibility problems
    • [Added] Stealth Mode parameters to the web reporter link #388
    • [Fixed] Stealth Mode actions aren't showed in the Filtering Log #355
    • [Added] A description in the Filtering Log for some types of Stealth Mode events #421
    • [Added] Trusted filter notification #445
    • [Added] New AdGuard for Mac icon #450
    • [Fixed] Blocked 'WebRTC, location API, push API' events aren't shown in modified requests in Filtering log #449
    • [Fixed] Two notifications appear after using the manual ad blocking tool #419
    • [Changed] Users with an active subscription will not be notified anymore that their license key is soon to expire #329
    • [Changed] Localizations has been updated
    • [Fixed] adguard-tcpkill does not work with the new Chrome version #427
    • [Fixed] Changes to the filtered apps and extensions are not applied until the protection is restarted manually #354
    • [Fixed] Forwarder applied properly to all links in the app #389
    • [Fixed] The app hanged on exit #462
    • [Fixed] Filtering Log issues #430
    • [Improved] Enhanced app accessibility #406
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    A new version has been released!
  3. zebrum

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    Nov 21, 2016
    A new version has been released!