AdGuard for Mac v2.1.2

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This update will not blow you away, unless you are really, really into bugfixes and under the hood improvements. But those we have aplenty, especially when it comes to CoreLibs filtering engine. As a result, the new Mac version works faster and blocks ads better than its predecessor, but lacks bit in the wow-factor: the only new feature is, admittedly, rather tame.

[Added] Automatic filter subscriptions detection #279

Most filters have “subscribe” buttons on their homepages or in other places. From now on, AdGuard will be able to intercept click on such links and offer you to add these filters to the app. It’s not much perhaps, but it’s a nice thing to have and it certainly won’t hurt anyone

[Improved] CoreLibs has been updated to v1.4

There are over 50 bugfixes and improvements in this new CoreLibs version. Some notable examples:
  • AdGuard doesn't unnecessarily reset cookies anymore. Previously it could lead to such problems as spontaneous sign outs, which was especially irritating for websites like Twitch or YouTube.
  • Protection restart doesn't require closing connections anymore. Before v2.1, protection restarts could sometimes cause the interruption of your ongoing downloads, issues with online games etc.
  • Several issues with upload speed have been resolved.
Overall, AdGuard for Mac is now faster and much more stable than it used to be.
  • [Fixed] No internet connection with custom DNS in DNSCrypt #528
  • [Fixed] adguard-tcpkill process constantly crashes on macOS Catalina #530
  • [Fixed] “Reset Settings” option hangs the app #543
  • [Fixed] iTunes Store access issue #552
  • [Fixed] Compatibility issues
  • [Improved] Algorithm for automatic language filters activation #513
  • [Improved] Automatic detection of certificate issues in Firefox #472
  • [Improved] New settings reconfiguration method does not require closing active connections #542
  • [Improved] The new icon implemented across the app #561
  • [Improved] The protocol to add filter subscriptions #559
  • [Improved] Localizations has been updated

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@Vladimir80 добрый день! Извините за задержку с ответом. Внутри приложения AdGuard для Mac невозможно переключить канал обновлений на nightly. У вас на текущий момент последняя релизная версия. Если вы хотите получать nightly обновления, то вам нужно скачать и установить билд напрямую:
Не забывайте, что в nightly версиях может быть больше багов.
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