[AdGuard for Mac] v2.4.7 Beta

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In this beta version we introduce AdGuard Browser Assistant, which will replace the old Assistant extension. Aside from that, we've fixed some bugs and further improved CoreLibs.

[Enhancement] The old Assistant has been replaced with a native Assistant browser extension

AdGuard Browser Assistant is a new browser extension that replaces both the old Assistant and the integration mode at the same time. We decided that there was no need to keep both when one new extension can do all the job, and do it better. So what can AdGuard Browser Assistant do?


Everything you might need when you browse the Web: enable/disable filtering on the current website, manually block any element on the page, view the filtering log or report the website. Basically, all the familiar features but without the limitations that integration mode and the old Assistant have.


When you install AdGuard for Mac for the first time (or update it to the new version), the Safari Assistant will be installed automatically. For other browsers, you need to go to their respective add-on stores, search for 'AdGuard Browser Assistant' and install it. Alternatively, you can install the Assistant for your default browser via app settings or during the onboarding process.


- [Bug] Filtering in Microsoft Edge Beta browser doesn't turn off when removing the browser from filtered applications
- [Bug] AdGuard does not preserve the Whitelist
- [Bug] Fast user switching might corrupt certificate database
- [Enhancement] "What's new" screen now shows up after major app updates

CoreLibs has been updated to v1.5.247

- [Bug] Cosmetic rules can be used as CSS rules
- [Bug] Issue with LINE extension
- [Bug] Stealth mode error
- [Bug] Rules with restricted domains do not match requests without referer
- [Enhancement] New rules selection algorithm when HTTPS filtering is disabled

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