AdGuard for Mac. Version 1.0.63

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Hello everyone!

As you may notice, we finally created a Mac section of the forum.
For those who are unaware (if there are any), we had Adguard for Mac released, and you can read about it in our blog.

In this thread all the release notes will be posted. Current version is v.1.0.63 and here is the latest changelog:

* Added TLSv1.2 support.
* Added certificate verification in HTTPS connections.
* Added Ukrainian localization.
* Chromium added to default application filtering list.
* Now automatic check for updates is enabled by default.
* Improved speed optimization.
* Removed splashscreen upon starting Adguard.
* Fixed Adguard's work with several users on the same computer.
* Fixed errors leading to incorrect filtering.
* Fixed the error when Adguard operated incorrectly upon exiting sleep mode.
* Improved security upon filtering encrypted traffic.
* Fixed FREAK vulnerability.
* Fixed memory leaks.
* Improved program stability on old versions of OS X.
* Fixed several errors that could previously lead to app crash.
Please leave your comments about the release version here!

We have updated current version today.

+ Adguard extensions API is now protected from misuse
+ Added notification about added and removed user rules
You can find more details about extensions API protection fix in our blog.

We strongly recommend everyone to update your client to the latest version.
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