[AdGuard for Mac] version 2.4.7 beta 2


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This beta serves as a last check before the release of AdGuard v2.4 for Mac. As usual, at this point we're mostly fixing the remaining bugs and making other minor changes. If all is good, this beta is going to become the next release.

  • [Bug] Incorrect information about QUIC connections is displayed in filtering log #532
  • [Bug] AdGuard doesn't work in Brave Beta v1.7.64 #689
  • [Enhancement] Different build configurations for beta/release/nightly #615
  • [Other] New localizations: Croatian, Persian, Romanian, Thai #678
CoreLibs has been updated to v1.5.267
  • [Bug] Incorrect extended CSS rule causes problems with JS rules' work #1147
  • [Bug] Rules with :style() are converted incorrectly #1149
  • [Bug] Cosmetic rules can be used as CSS rules #1293
  • [Bug] Basic rules with wilcard in top level domains are not working #1298
  • [Enhancement] "Proceed anyway" option doesn't work correctly if website is blocked by a rule with $all modifier #1267
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