AdGuard for MacOS 2.5


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Bit Sur developer beta 9 -- Adguard worked with Safari (with some glitches on twitter).
Big Sur developer beta 10 -- Adguard utter failure to connect to ANY website with Safari. Uninstalled and re-installed Adguard but, no joy. Disabled Adguard extension for Safari but, no joy. Firefox works fine and ads are blocked.

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The Big Sur beta 10 issue is known, it's something that'll be fixed in the next nightly update (and eventually beta/stable updates). Apple changed something.


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Hi all!

Today we have released a Nightly version that supposedly solves the problems you mentioned.
Please, try to update and let us know the result.


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Adguard -- Application version nightly (CL-1.7.131)

Big Sur beta 10

Yay, oh yay! Seems to fix all my problems with Twitter in Safari. You made my afternoon!
Also, YouTube is finally working again.

Sigh, hours later, the Twitter problems are back. They usually clear by quitting Adguard and then quitting Safari and then restarting both. It does seem to stay good for more hours now, though.
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The fast user switching problem is back. When you switch to another user and back you get a popup saying that Adguard is not working correctly and it becomes disabled. Clicking the slider to reactivate it doesn't work, the only way to get it working again is to quit Adguard and start it again.