AdGuard for Safari - 1.10.4


Quality Assurance
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Meet AdGuard v.1.10.4 for Safari! The new version includes the improved rules converter that will be able to adapt to new Safari features. Besides, we’ve added new translations for German, Swedish and other localizations, fixed conflicting notification statuses and some issues with User rules and Allowlist.

  • [Enhancement] The phrase "Ad blocking in Safari is on/off" was changed to "AdGuard protection is on/paused" #610
  • [Fixed] German translations were added #581
  • [Fixed] Missing text in the Swedish translation was added #627
  • [Fixed] “Back” button behavior for filters’ screens #581
  • [Fixed] The problem with conflicting notification statuses after filters update was solved #614
  • [Other] When adding a website to the disabled allowlist, this list will be automatically enabled
  • [Other] While being disabled, the "User rules" section will be also exported with settings export
  • [Other] If a user adds a rule with the manual element blocking tool on a website, the "User rules" section will be enabled
  • [Other] "Trusted" filter tag is no longer translated