AdGuard for Safari - 1.9.0 Beta



Meet the X-mas AdGuard for Safari v1.9 beta :)
Key changes in this version are UI-related. It means that now the interface of the extension is more user friendly. Besides, we clarified the permissions AdGuard for Safari requires – now the explanation does not sound scary and the wording is more accurate.

  • [Added] An explanation of the permissions AdGuard for Safari uses #276
  • [Added] The "Export Logs" button in General settings #466
  • [Added] Dark theme for "Block element on page" #476
  • [Enhancement] Moved the funnel and the green bar to the right side #463
  • [Enhancement] The application icon is different from the extension icon #458
  • [Enhancement] Modified UI behavior #402
  • [Fixed] $jsinject doesn't disable JS rules #484
  • [Other] Small typos in source code files and formatting errors #403
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