AdGuard for Safari - 1.9.16 Beta


Staff member
In this update we updated the Safari rules converter and app icon. And naturally, we fixed some minor bugs (UI and others).
  • [Enhancement] Added a hotkey to disable the rule #411
  • [Enhancement] In the "General" and "Filters" sections, the internal content moves upward when starting #529
  • [Fixed] Different description styles in localizations #570
  • [Fixed] Incorrect behaviour underlining a word in the user list (dark theme) #585
  • [Fixed] The app infinitely checks for updates, when Wi-Fi is down and there is no Internet #559
  • [Fixed] When entering the "Content Blockers" section, the "General" tab should be highlighted #552
  • [Fixed] Asymmetry of text and buttons on the vertical axis of symmetry #593
  • [Fixed] The location of the reload icon in the "About" tab #558
  • [Fixed] The link should not be moved to another line #572
  • [Fixed] In the Russian localization, the "Check for updates" button is moved to another line #577
  • [Fixed] Decreased the line length and moved the "Relaunch" button #580
  • [Fixed] The return arrow in "User rules" and "Allowlist" is lower than in other sections #588
  • [Other] Updated the app icon #579
SafariConverterLib update v1.1.27
  • [Enhancement] Added $denyallow modifier support #5
  • [Enhancement] Allowed *## cosmetic rules #11
  • [Enhancement] Added generic CSS exclusions #15
  • [Fixed] Added $specifichide modifier support #6
  • [Fixed] Issue with long multi-domain element hiding rules #8
  • [Fixed] Element hiding rule with few selectors converted to an incorrect rule #21
  • [Fixed] Use if-domain and unless-domain together #12
  • [Fixed] The rule with $ping blocks the whole page #14