AdGuard for Safari - 1.9.17


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Less than two months from the previous release have passed, and we've managed to do a lot during this time.

[Added] Apple Silicon Universal build #493

In this version, we’ve added a universal build for the latest M1 chipset. As promised, we started preparing for the next release with this task. Since the end of 2020, Apple has begun the switch from Intel processors to Apple-designed ones. We’ve been working to make Macs with the new ARM architecture, using Apple M1 processor, compatible with AdGuard for Safari, and we’re happy to introduce to you the result. Besides, we updated the Safari rules converter and app icon. And naturally, fixed some minor bugs (UI and others).


  • [Enhancement] Added a hotkey to disable the rule #411
  • [Enhancement] In the “General” and “Filters” sections, the internal content moves upward when starting #529
  • [Fixed] Element hiding rule converted incorrectly #21
  • [Fixed] Different description styles in localizations #570
  • [Fixed] Incorrect behaviour underlining a word in the user list (dark theme) #585
  • [Fixed] The app infinitely checks for updates, when Wi-Fi is down and there is no Internet #559
  • [Fixed] When entering the “Content Blockers” section, the “General” tab should be highlighted #552
  • [Fixed] Asymmetry of text and buttons on the vertical axis of symmetry #593
  • [Fixed] The location of the reload icon in the “About” tab #558
  • [Fixed] The link should not be moved to another line #572
  • [Fixed] In the Russian localization, the “Check for updates” button is moved to another line #577
  • [Fixed] Decreased the line length and moved the “Relaunch” button #580
  • [Fixed] The return arrow in “User rules” and “Allowlist” is lower than in other sections #588
  • [Other] Updated the app icon #579

SafariConverterLib update v1.1.27

  • [Enhancement] Added $denyallow modifier support #5
  • [Enhancement] Allowed *## cosmetic rules #11
  • [Enhancement] Added generic CSS exclusions #15
  • [Fixed] Added $specifichide modifier support #6
  • [Fixed] Issue with long multi-domain element hiding rules #8
  • [Fixed] Element hiding rule with few selectors converted to an incorrect rule #21
  • [Fixed] Use if-domain and unless-domain together #12
  • [Fixed] The rule with $ping blocks the whole page #14

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