AdGuard for Safari app extension has started warning about filter limit


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* MacOs High Sierra
* Safari 12.1.1
* AdGuard for Safari app extension Version 1.2.1.

Lately I have been starting to receive warnings about too many filters being enabled.
What I've been running is:
* AdGuard Base filter
* AdGuard Spyware filter
* Malware Domains
* AdGuard Safari filter

I have 'Use optimized filters' enabled.

I have been getting this notification lately and I am pretty sure this did not appear when I first installed the extension app and started using it.

Have you guys increased the amount of lines in the filter lists or have you done some modifications to Optimized filter option? Meaning: has something changed under the hood?

The problem is that to get rid of the filter limit warning I should disable either the Spyware filter (result: 36k and something) or Malware domains (this disabled the amount of lines drops just under the 50k mark) but I really would like to continue to use (at least) this set of filters.

But, if the reality is that it works as it should and only solution is to disable some of my filter lists -> which one do you prefer I should disable: Spyware or the Malware domains?

Otherwise, I have been really happy with Adguard and consider to purchase the desktop version of it.
Thanks for the great product.


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Thanks @Boo Berry!

I wonder why App Store did not suggest the update, even though the updated version was available when I went to see the app page.

Now I have 5 filters enabled:
* Adguard Base filter
* Adguard Tracking protection filter
* Adguard Social media filter
*Adguard Annoyances filter
* Adguard Safari filter

Total of 42947 rules 10279 advanced rules active.

Is there place on AG website where I could find more information about these advanced rules?