AdGuard for Safari Extension - 1.8.5



You had to wait for some time for this AdGuard for Safari update, and we did everything we could to make the wait worthwile. From several new options to export/import user settings, blocklists, allowlists, and user rules — to multiple bugfixes and enhancements. v1.8.5 makes ad blocking in Safari better and much more convenient.

[Added] User rules and Allowlist Export/Import feature #320
Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 20 35 00

This feature is present in every other AdGuard app or browser extension, so it made a ton of sense to add it to AdGuard for Safari too. You can export your User rules to a local file at any time, as well as import from a file. Same goes for Allowlist; note that if you switch to Inverted Allowlist, you can export/import it too. All in all, it's useful when you want to reinstall the extension for any reason or transfer your preferences between browsers/devices.

[Added] User settings Export/Import feature #16
Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 20 35 08

Speaking of. Just as with User rules and Allowlist, it's now possible to do the same for your settings configuration. By the way, export feature will take into account which filters you have currently enabled too, even including your custom filters.


  • [Fixed] Custom filter description
  • [Fixed] Problems with "Applications" folder
  • [Fixed] The icon is displayed incorrectly
  • [Fixed] Custom filters aren’t updating
  • [Fixed] Error is shown when moving adguard safari to applications folder #397
  • [Fixed] Console errors #377
  • [Fixed] Custom filters' last update timestamp isn't updated #348
  • [Fixed] "Open preferences" splash screen can't be dismissed #383
  • [Fixed] Filters' metadata is treated as filtering rules
  • [Fixed] Custom name for custom filter bug
  • [Fixed] Filter updates don't update metadata
  • [Fixed] "Allow search ads and self-promotion" filter's state isn't synced between the main page and "Filters" page
  • [Other] Malware Domains Blocklist replaced with Online Malicious URL Blocklist #374
  • [Other] Updated to Electron 9