AdGuard for Safari Extension version 1.8.2



This release brings a lot of fixes and small UI/UX improvements. Namely, we added Dark Mode and automatic mode switch support, updated localizations, and removed obsolete filters.

[Added] An option to import custom filters from a local file #345

It's not always convenient to maintain a custom filter in a cloud. Now you have an alternative: create a local text file, edit it according to our filtering rules syntax and add it to your AdGuard for Safari. Voila, you have a new custom filter, just like any other.

[Added] Dark Mode for versions starting from macOS Mojave (10.14) and automatic mode switch support for versions starting from macOS Catalina #120

[Improved] Updated Electron to v8.0 #286
In a nutshell, Electron is a framework for building cross-platform desktop apps. AdGuard for Safari extension is made on it, so upgrading the framework solved lots of UI issues.

[Improved] Removed autosave in the filter editor and added the Save button
It turned out that autosave caused UI problems. We removed it. Now you can save filters by pressing Ctrl + S or by clicking the Save button.

  • [Fixed] Extension icon is too dark with a Mac dark theme #230
  • [Fixed] Error when adding a custom filter list #340
  • [Fixed] Advanced ad blocking scripts are executed even when the page is whitelisted #346
  • [Fixed] Issues with prevent-setTimeout scriptlet #347
  • [Fixed] Custom filters' last update timestamp isn't updated #348
  • [Fixed] Buttons in Safari popup menu are not clickable and have wrong color #358
  • [Fixed] Previously removed custom filters reappear after an update #363
  • [Fixed] Switching system theme causes the indefinite 'Checking for updates' state #366
  • [Improved] Extension icon behavior logic #338
  • [Improved] Whitelist and User Rules text areas are now resizable #339
  • [Improved] Translations have been updated
  • [Other] Checking for updates is not visible in dark mode #360
  • [Other] Custom filters deactivate after closing AdGuard #361