[AdGuard for Windows] 6.4.1795.4865 RC

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We are preparing a new release, and this RC holds quite a few impactful changes. Worth noting are the Popup Blocker update, new localizations and several important fixes.

[Changed] TLS 1.2 is used by default if Avast is detected #2368

As we’ve said earlier, TLS 1.3 is the current standard, but some antiviruses still use v1.2, notably Avast. We would like to completely switch to v1.3 but have to take this into consideration.

[Fixed] Application update resets Assistant settings and restores deleted extensions #2365

There won’t be enough fingers combined on hands of all people in our office to count the number of times users complained about this issue. One of our current priorities is to make the process of updating AdGuard as smooth as possible, and certainly preserving users’ settings is a big step in that direction.

[Changed] Highlighting color for the whitelisted requests in Filtering Log #2358
[Changed] AdGuard now asks for a reboot after TDI driver update on Windows 7 #2364
[Fixed] AdGuard fails to start service #2339
[Fixed] Crash upon opening the Filtering Log #2346
[Fixed] PopupBlocker is not updated alongside AG update #2354
[Fixed] Handshake issues with some domains in Firefox x64 #2347
[Improved] Popup Blocker extension has been updated to v2.5.8 #2351
[Improved] Localizations have been updated, new languages have been added (Slovenian, Czech, Belarusian) #2361

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