AdGuard for Windows - 7.10 beta 1


Quality Assurance
Have you already enjoyed our latest release version 7.9.1? Then we're happy to tell you that there are even more important changes ahead — today we release our first beta of AdGuard 7.10 for Windows!

We've changed, fixed and improved a lot and also didn't forget to update Corelibs and DNSlibs.

We've added a new feature to AdGuard — Protect from DPI, and we hope you'll appreciate how much your online privacy has improved.

[Enhancement] Add an DPI-bypass option to AdGuard Stealth Mode #4175

Let’s see what Deep Packet Inspection is. Well, it is a system of deep analysis and filtering of traffic by packet content, as well as the accumulation of statistical data. In this way, internet service providers have the ability to control the passing traffic and thereby limit access to the content for their clients.

Now AdGuard can modify outgoing packet data so that the client does not fall under the DPI blocking criteria. This means that users can avoid blocking and get access to the content they want. However, not in all cases DPI-systems can be bypassed. We are actively trying to fix this.

Remember we promised a lot of updates? Here's another one!

[Enhancement] WFP and TDI network drivers

We've updated and enhanced our network drivers and this is a very important change. Drivers’ update improves the app efficiency and compatibility with other software. Besides, we have also fixed some bugs in the WFP driver.

Other changes, as always, are listed below.

  • [Enhancement] Update CoreLibs to 1.9.67 #4237
  • [Enhancement] Add "Unencrypted" icon for "Regular" DNS servers description in the DNS tab #4121
  • [Fixed] Cosmetic rules are on filtering log when Ad Blocker is disabled #4185
  • [Fixed] Crash on custom DNS address in Advanced Settings #4195
  • [Fixed] DNS filters are not updated when ad blocker is turned off #4118
  • [Fixed] Filter subscription is downloaded partially within the update #4165
  • [Fixed] There is sound notification on Windows 10 while `Enable sound notifications` is disabled #4127

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