AdGuard for Windows - 7.10 beta 2


Quality Assurance
Here we're again, this time with the second beta of AdGuard v7.10 for Windows. It seems like we'll be able to introduce a new release version soon.

We added a dark theme to the updater window, which is probably the most exciting change on the list. Now dark theme fans won't be annoyed by light update windows — a real joy for perfectionists!

We have thoroughly worked on Ad Blocker and DNS filters, so now you can decide for yourself where and what filters to add. Selected filters will be responsible for filtering in the respective module. As usual, we fixed some minor bugs and updated CoreLibs.

  • [Enhancement] Updated CoreLibs to v.1.9.68 #4247
  • [Enhancement] Added dark theme to the updater window #4156
  • [Enhancement] Completed the description for WebRTC feature #4104
  • [Fixed] The `Protect from DPI` status is not sent to ReportsWebApp #4248
  • [Fixed] Cannot add the same rules to Ad Blocker and DNS filters simultaneously #4132
  • [Fixed] Custom filters do not work after refreshing a web page #4170
  • [Fixed] Browser Assistant is sensitive to the `www` prefix in the HTTPS Exceptions #4240
  • [Fixed] Filter name is not transmitted when subscribing via `` #4193
  • [Fixed] Correct the translation for the updater title #4154
  • [Fixed] The label "trusted" is not visible if a filter has a long name #4126
  • [Fixed] Overlapping text headers in the filtering log #4186

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