AdGuard for Windows 7.11


Quality Assurance
AdGuard v7.11 for Windows boasts a handful of significant enhancements: AdGuard now can run on ARM-based computers and filter encrypted DNS-over-HTTPS requests. We’ve also added an option to manage (or get to know) AdGuard VPN from within the AdGuard app, updated CoreLibs and DnsLibs, and made the app look and function even better.

[Enhancement] Windows on ARM support #3067


We’ve added a driver that allows AdGuard to run on ARM-based Windows devices. Now, if you install AdGuard on your computer with a 64-bit ARM processor, we’ll automatically detect this and install the right driver. You can just relax.

[Enhancement] AdGuard VPN management #4204


If you already have an AdGuard VPN app installed on your computer, now you’ll be able to open it from your AdGuard app. If you don’t have it yet — here’s a chance to get to know our product closer and download it if you enjoy it.
And there’s more yet to come: in future versions, we’re planning to add an option to manage the VPN connection from within the AdGuard app. Stay tuned.

[Enhancement] Filtering of encrypted DNS requests

Now AdGuard can filter encrypted DNS-over-HTTPS requests on top of plain DNS requests. To turn this option on, tick the “Enable filtering of secure DNS requests” checkbox in the Advanced settings.

Important for filter maintainers
  • [Enhancement] Changed the syntax for removing elements from JSON responses #1447
  • [Enhancement] Added a new modifier for working with HLS (M3U8) file format #1434
  • [Enhancement] Added support of the empty `$path` modifier #1591
  • [Enhancement] Applied the `$removeparam` parameter to POST requests #1573
  • [Enhancement] Implemented DNS-over-HTTPS filtering #1563
  • [Fixed] `$removeparam` doesn't work if a request is blocked #1580

  • [Enhancement] Added a title for custom filters in the filter list #4190
  • [Enhancement] Increased visibility of typed characters in the “Manage password” window in the dark mode #4178
  • [Enhancement] Changed the logic of the application behavior at system startup after changing AdGuard launch settings #2489
  • [Enhancement] Added ability to copy filter list URL #3790
  • [Fixed] Existing filtering rules can be added repeatedly #4210
  • [Fixed] Ctrl+Shift+Z is not working in the Filter Editor #3756
  • [Fixed] Filtering does not work in the background when the application is closed #4344
  • [Fixed] Incorrect signature in notifications — AdGuard VPN
  • [Fixed] Settings and filtering log windows open in the background #4230
  • [Fixed] The gear does not work in AdGuard Assistant #4270
  • [Fixed] Yandex Browser freezes when viewing a certificate #3256
  • [Fixed] AdGuard hangs when you try to close it after restarting the computer #4339
  • [Fixed] Filters are updated when the app is updated #4159
  • [Fixed] Filtering does not work when AdGuard and Kaspersky Internet Security are running simultaneously #4200
  • [Fixed] Types of request don't fit the column in the filtering log #4277
  • [Fixed] A vulnerability in the 32-bit network driver. A CVE number is yet to be assigned. #45770
  • [Other] Internet does not work after waking up from sleep mode #4293
  • [Other] Added dark theme in notifications when removing filters and extensions #4273
  • [Other] Update Brazilian Portuguese #4259

Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.10.106
  • [Enhancement] Ad blocker agents are discarded from filtering lists #1667
  • [Fixed] Checking validity of `:xpath` rules #1606
  • [Fixed] The rule `@@||^$important,document,app=firefox.exe` isn’t displayed as an allowlisted one #1546
  • [Fixed] Rules with `:where()` pseudo class are rejected #1609
  • [Fixed] Safebrowsing/OCSP doesn't work with Parallels #1079
  • [Fixed] The website `` is broken #1593
  • [Fixed] The problem with converting uBO scriptlets #1604
  • [Fixed] AdGuard Browser Assistant does not see a new website certificate #1619
  • [Fixed] QR-code is not displayed on the Management Page of Xiaomi router #1538
  • [Fixed] `$removeparam` causes blocking of preflight request #1632
  • [Fixed] The website `` is broken #1630
  • [Fixed] The website `` is not loading with enabled HTTPS filtering #1631
  • [Other] Change the hardcoded `` address #1608

Upgraded DNSLibs to v2.0.27
  • [Fixed] Race in DNS64 discovery #1142
  • [Other] Added the “Block ECH” option to Advanced settings #161

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