AdGuard for Windows 7.12


Quality Assurance
Two most important changes in this release: protection is turned on and off faster and DNS protection is now enabled by default. We’ve also fixed some bugs, updated CoreLibs and DnsLibs, and improved the WFP and TDI network drivers.

Protection is turned on and off faster
We’ve significantly reworked everything “under the hood”, thus improving the app performance: protection is now enabled, disabled, and reloaded much faster. Previously, because of the long startup and restart of the protection, the implementation of rules and other protection features could be delayed or could even cause a web resource to “leak” past the protection. Some connections could remain unfiltered. And after all, it was very annoying for the user to watch the long startup of the app. Starting with this version, it won’t happen again.

DNS protection is enabled by default
Now, if you have just installed AdGuard, DNS protection is automatically turned on. By default, the ISP's DNS server is used, and for security, AdGuard DNS filter is enabled: ads, trackers, and requests for malicious domains will be automatically blocked. To increase security, you can always select a DNS server from the list or add a custom one (for example, a private AdGuard DNS server) via Settings → DNS protection.
DNS filtering allows AdGuard to catch ads and trackers even before the browser tries to connect to the ad server. So this update has also helped us improve the speed and quality of ad blocking. On top of that, DNS protection makes blocking “hidden” trackers more effective.


  • DNS protection is enabled by default, the DNS server of the ISP is used #4534

  • The option to filter traffic at system start-up without launching the app #4454
  • PIX-LINK router/repeater domains to fallback domains #170
  • Support for Catsxp Browser #4326
  • An option to delete installation logs when reinstalling the app #4493
  • Dark theme for the installer app #3048

  • AdGuard doesn’t start after rebooting #4502
  • AdGuard freezes after filter update #4556
  • If “Blocked” is selected in the filtering log, all requests are shown #4525
  • The app doesn't update automatically in the background in Windows 7 #4494
  • Unable to install userscripts that include `@` in the link #4397
  • Metadata updating error for HaGeZi DynDNS Blocklist #4475
  • The main window opens at system startup despite checkbox is unchecked #4546
  • Filtering and userscripts do not work with Norton 360 installed #1712
  • Compatibility issue for the `google-ima3` redirect #272
  • Compatibility issue between `prevent-addEventListener` and userscripts #271
  • Issue with `isEmptyObject()` #268
  • Error when updating/reinstalling the AdGuard Popup Blocker userscript #4574

  • CoreLibs to v1.10.189 #4563
  • DnsLibs to v2.0.75 #4562
  • Scriptlets to v1.7.20

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