AdGuard for Windows - 7.2.2920


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It’s showtime: let’s welcome AdGuard 7.2 for Windows official release.

For several months, we have been working in full swing on everything - design, performance, compatibility issues with other programs, general filtering improvement and much more. And now it’s time to tell you in detail what the new version is capable of. So let’s take a look at all changes in this update.

[Changed] Installer redesign #2574

When the visual style of your app’s installer doesn’t fit the visual style of the app itself, it’s not good. Same as wearing sandals with socks. So we fixed it!

The new installer looks so good, sometimes we uninstall AdGuard just to look at it once more. Hope you like it just as much as we do! And if not, no big deal: you’re not going to come across it too often, hopefully.

[Added] Installer crash reporting tool #2566

One of the most annoying types of crashes, both for users and developers, is when the app crashes during the installation. Our usual crash reporting tool was useless in such cases. What’s the logical solution? Correct, to give the installer its own reporting tool!

As you can see, it looks almost exactly the same. Nothing will be sent without your consent, and you can also add a comment with the description of the problem to help our developers fix the crash faster.

[Added] “Filter localhost" advanced setting #2830

Some apps, for example antiviruses, may use localhost for interactions between their components. In rare cases it could lead to compatibility problems. Now it’s possible to manage filtering of localhost with the help of the new setting.

Be sure that you know what you’re doing before messing with any of the advanced settings!
You can find this setting among advanced settings. By default, it’s disabled. We advise to try to enable it only if you experience very serious issues, e.g. when web pages don’t load or there’s no internet connection.

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  • [Fixed] Stealth mode settings reset after the app update #2839
  • [Fixed] HTTPS filtering is disabled by default for the newly added applications #2846
  • [Improved] Automatic filters detection algorithm #2692
  • [Improved] Automatic detection of certificate issues in Firefox #2782
  • [Fixed] AdGuard does not filter Iridium browser #2918
  • [Fixed] Incompatibility with Epic Browser #2927
  • [Improved] Update Assistant and Wot to 4.3.18 and 1.1.16 respectively #2942
  • [Fixed] AdGuard closes connections after a reconfiguration #2841
  • [Fixed] Connection errors on Windows 10 #2843
  • [Improved] WFP/TDI drivers have been updated #2889
  • [Changed] Selector color in dark mode #2749
  • [Changed] Now separate windows are used for Support and About dialogues #2619
  • [Changed] Blocked stun/turn requests now have a prefix in the Filtering log #2638
  • [Changed] Users can now access Settings, About and Support windows even when protection failed to start #2892
  • [Changed] “Use localhost for injections” setting has been renamed to “Intercept TCP connection requests" #2859
  • [Fixed] Minor interface issues #2761
  • [Fixed] Issues with accessibility for visually impaired users #2682
  • [Fixed] Cropped text on the filters update screen #2698
  • [Fixed] AdGuard GUI unnecessarily raises Windows platform timer resolution #2734
  • [Fixed] Some text is not visible in dark theme #2767
  • [Fixed] Date on the filters update screen goes beyond the frame #2849
  • [Fixed] Fixed support menu window (UI) #2910
  • [Improved] Check for email validation before submitting a support request #2911
  • [Fixed] Uninstallation via uninstall shortcut #2916
  • [Improved] UI elements should be aligned #2922
  • [Changed] Atom browser has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #2688
  • [Changed] Localizations have been updated
  • [Fixed] Post-installation notification sequence #2750
  • [Fixed] Switching between update channels is carried out improperly #2806
  • [Fixed] The application doesn’t start after the update #2798
  • [Fixed] AdGuard hangs after the update #2856
  • [Fixed] Information about old installers is stored in %ProgramData% #2869
  • [Fixed] Filter update notification does not disappear on Windows 7 #2873
  • [Fixed] AdGuard does not handle alphanumeric versions properly #2876
  • [Fixed] Compatibility issues
  • [Improved] Handling of filter subscription detections #2517
  • [Improved] Translations update
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