AdGuard for Windows - 7.2.2936 RC

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Unfortunately, after v7.2 was made public some users reported critical compatibility issues, mainly with Emsisoft software. This is a hotfix that will solve these problems, and we also seized the opportunity to update CoreLibs and make some other changes.

You can help us make sure such incidents won't happen again by joining our beta testing program. Millions of AdGuard users will thank you (and you'll even get a beta tester's license key for free)!

  • [Fixed] WFP driver incompatibility with Emsisoft software #2957
  • [Fixed] E-mail text field issue in Support window #2951
  • [Fixed] Issue on the protection startup #2952
  • [Fixed] Window buttons tooltip localization #2953
  • [Fixed] Couldn't enable the proxy mode #2974
  • [Fixed] The port field is always highlighted #2976
  • [Improved] Additionally inform users about required reboot #2946
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