AdGuard for Windows - 7.3 beta 1

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As the tradition requires, the first beta for any AdGuard for Windows version is usually the biggest one, with the most amount of meaningful changes. For today, we have a long list of fixes and UI improvements. But for starters let’s have a look at the most interesting stuff: CoreLibs-related changes that will further enhance ad blocking quality, a new (but at the same time somewhat old) mode of filtering and a new option to activate AdGuard.

[Added] Scriptlets support

Scriptlets is a powerful ad blocking instrument. You can say that scriptlet is an internal script (a mini-program) that we install with the app, and then execute that script with the help of filtering rules. Putting it simply, scriptlets allow us to modify how the code of the web page behaves. As for the practical use, this helps to block anti-ad blockers, for example, and in some other cases.

[Added] $redirect and $rewrite modifiers support

They are practically the same modifiers, and they allow to substitute resources. If you are not a custom filtering rules aficionado, don't bother with it. Just know that it is yet another instrument in the hands of filter developers that helps to block ads more efficiently.
We should mention that both $redirect and $rewrite modifiers are still kind of working in test mode, but they are fully operational and you should feel free to use them.

[Improved] Proxy mode can now be used alongside automatic traffic filtering #2696, #3055

Previously, you had to choose between using AdGuard to filter all traffic on the current system, or setting it up as an HTTP proxy to funnel traffic of particular apps or devices through AdGuard (but without filtering it).
Now you can have the best of both worlds, and even more: filter application and browser traffic on the current PC and at the same time use AdGuard as a filtering proxy for other devices (yes, now their traffic will be filtered too). To select the configuration you want go to Network settings.

[Added] Activating AdGuard by linking personal Account #2931

Something we’ve tested in other AdGuard products and found positive feedback is an option to activate AdGuard by linking the app with your account. In this case, instead of entering the license key, you put in your Account credentials (login/password). The app automatically looks for a valid license key in your Account and uses it to activate AdGuard.

Ad blocking
  • [Added] Enable the HARs writing as an advanced option #2402
  • [Fixed] Userscript working in pre version 7 releases not working in post version 7 releases. #2937
  • [Fixed]Error occurred while reloading protection, doesn't change the filtering status #2965
  • [Fixed] Cannot find the file specified #2969
  • [Fixed] Incompatibility between AdGuard and HTTP Debugger #2979
  • [Fixed] Cannot add executable from %Appdata% to the filtering #3023
  • [Fixed] Some problems with user filter #3044
  • [Fixed] Cannot add $network rules to the user filter #3058
  • [Fixed] Atom package installer doesn't work when protection enabled #2988
  • [Fixed] Firefox Private Network issue #2981
  • [Improved] Change the approach to the way how we start cert installer #2973
  • [Improved] Handle SHA-1 issues #3041
  • [Improved] We should check the internet availability before sending a support request #2925
  • [Improved] Restore using port 0 for auto-selecting listen ports #2989
  • [Added] Import-export advanced settings #2964
  • [Added] Trial period should be started explicitly #2980
  • [Fixed]Buttons Collapse, Expand, Close look bad #2722
  • [Fixed] Userscript is reported as updated if version contains a letter #2819
  • [Fixed] It seems that it lacks spaces in the front & back of from" in filters editor while UI is Traditional Chinese (zh-TW)." #2853
  • [Fixed] Drag&Drop issue #2961
  • [Fixed]Filtering log doesn't show applied rules #2998
  • [Fixed] Dark theme inner window issue #3033
  • [Fixed] Wrong request type in the filtering log #3059
  • [Improved] Microsoft Edge Beta cannot be added to filtered app in AFW #3060
  • [Improved] Remove old strings from translations #2926
  • [Improved] Improve the license check window #2939
  • [Improved] AdGuard Personal CA keeps coming back #1306
  • [Improved] Re-design About" screen" #2675
  • [Improved] There is no link to the list of changes in the latest versions #2715
  • [Improved] The text is not centered on the main screen #2716
  • [Improved] Use custom adguard: scheme for adding userscripts #2838
  • [Improved] Hover on maximize button looks bad #2840
  • [Improved] Strip identifying information from the logs when doing export #3022
  • [Added] New versioning system #2896
  • [Fixed]Logs rotation does not work occasionally #2874
  • [Fixed] File or folder is corrupted #2984
  • [Fixed] Filters metadata is not updated while filters update #3036
  • [Improved] Adguard GUI unnecessarily raising Windows platform timer resolution #2734
  • [Improved] Transfer GM property when the user changes the userscript's name #2739
  • [Improved] Improve the Advanced Settings logic #2915
  • [Improved] Get rid of obsolete /f command from tools #2920
  • [Improved] Filter installer's crash report names #2971
  • [Improved] Pass the empty parameter's value in the query string #3038
  • [Improved] Test the release build of the new Microsoft Edge #3061
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