AdGuard for Windows - 7.3 beta 2

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The second beta of AdGuard 7.3 for Windows focuses on fixing UI-related bugs and other UI changes.

  • [Changed] Flag icons removed from the languages selector #2905
  • [Changed] “Too many filters” warning now requires more enabled filters to trigger #3056
  • [Changed] Legacy and regular Microsoft Edge executables separated in “Filtered Apps” #3061
  • [Fixed] Reset statistics feature works incorrectly #2923
  • [Fixed] Settings reset doesn’t set window mode to its default state #2924
  • [Fixed] Atom text editor package installer doesn't work when protection is enabled #2988
  • [Fixed] Unable to remove Spotify from the list of filtered apps #3091
  • [Fixed] Several apps with the same name can’t be added to the list of filtered apps #3092
This version on a Github.
Direct download link.
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