AdGuard for Windows - 7.3 RC is available!

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This is a textbook release candidate: a heap of bugfixes thrown together to make the current beta build more suitable for regular users. We also updated localizations and the CoreLibs engine.

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  • [Fixed] False link interception #3117
  • [Fixed] Disabling HTTPS filtering for an app works incorrectly #3111
  • [Fixed] Cookies time-to-live resets to zero #3115
  • [Fixed] Automatic apps filtering gets disabled after an app update #3076
  • [Added] Add HTTPS filtering step to the initial wizard #3125
  • [Changed] Checkbox for new rule is now shown as disabled in Filter editor #2893
  • [Fixed] Diagonal resizing by dragging the bottom corners is flawed #2943
  • [Fixed] Extra error entries in the log file #2875
  • [Fixed] Filter descriptions in Filter editor lack spaces in Traditional Chinese localization #2853
  • [Fixed] Main window now correctly reflects the time of the last filters update check and not the time of the last actual filters update #2982
  • [Fixed] Incorrect placement of proxy configuration warning #3065
  • [Fixed] UI performance drops when you use search on the “Add filter” screen #3090
  • [Fixed] Main window is shown next to the settings wizard #3100
  • [Fixed] Poor line break on Browsing Security screen #3101
  • [Fixed] Repeated clicks on “Debug mode” in tray menu bring up the slow filtering warning #2996
  • [Improved] Centering of icons in Settings #2727
  • [Fixed] Firefox Private Network issue #2981
  • [Changed] AdGuard now explicitly asks the user to activate trial period #2980
  • [Fixed] Crash after locale change #3108
  • [Fixed] Filters metadata is not updated for some filters #3036
  • [Fixed] AdGuard occasionally doesn’t delete old log files #2874
  • [Fixed] Adguard.Core.Tools crashes on the app uninstall #3097
  • [Improved] AdGuard now adapts its time&date format according to system settings #2945
  • [Improved] CoreLibs has been updated to v1.5.151

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