AdGuard for Windows - 7.4 beta 1

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Here comes the first beta for AdGuard for Windows v.7.4! The bottom line is we’re replacing our current Assistant with a separate browser extension called AdGuard Browser Assistant. The new Assistant has easy-to-use functionality, plus, we’ve added new UI features that make it more pleasant in use. Spoiler: you no longer need the previous browser extension. Download this new one and, paired with the main app, it will turn into a magic Assistant.

Browser Assistant

By developing this new product, we've resolved a couple of pretty important issues:
  1. Ensured that the bundle of the main AdGuard app and this new browser extension is fully functional
  2. Added settings in the main AdGuard app making it super easy to download or check if the extension is enabled right from it.
  3. The improved onboarding process for those who downloads AdGuard for the first time.
[Added] Browser Assistant #2985

Meet our new AdGuard Browser Assistant! From a mere user script in AdGuard desktop programs it has evolved to become a full-fledged browser extension!

Obviously, new Assistant has the functions of the old one included but it’s far more cool and user-friendly. And it came in extremely handy, helping us solve three major problems at once:
  • Former AdGuard Assistant was a dependent user script able to communicate with the program using a certain protocol. On the contrary, the new BA is independent: it’s installed in a browser, and you don’t need to wait while user script would be injected into the filtered web page. Putting it simply, it is more autonomous and it doesn’t depend on the main AdGuard app. The app is required for the full capacity but technically the new BA can be used without the app.
  • When desktop AdGuard program and browser extension were used in integration mode, they could hamper each other’s work. Some websites would stop being protected by the desktop program and be backed up only by the extension which has less possibilities. With the new Assistant, there is no more need to install our regular browser extension, which means there is no risk of an incompatibility.
  • Some people said older Assistant’s presence at any webpage disturbed them – now the green shield icon won’t be there.
[Added] Browsers tab #3118

From now on, you can open this tab and get the Assistant for a browser you use in one click. We support all popular browsers, but in case you didn’t find your one, you can use the legacy non-extension version – it works everywhere.

[Improved] Onboarding process #3119

AdGuard determines your default browser and prompts you with a download link for the new Assistant. If your browser is not compatible with AdGuard, the legacy Assistant is automatically enabled.

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[Added] Experimental filter is enabled for beta and nightly testers #3027

  • [Fixed] Compatibility issues
  • [Fixed] AdGuard not responding after resuming from sleep mode on laptop #2861
  • [Fixed] Support button returns 400 Bad Request #3155
  • [Improved] Enabling HTTPS filtering for a portable FF is now easier #2735
  • [Added] Filtering log is on pause while import #1997
  • [Added] Description for the "Launch AdGuard at system start-up" option #3082
  • [Changed] Description about opening AG main window at system start-up has been reformulated #3016
  • [Fixed] Advanced Editor clears user rules #2142
  • [Fixed] Crash on viewing request details in filtering log #3074
  • [Fixed] Wrong highlight for Stealth Mode exclusions in filtering log #3123
  • [Fixed] Some windows are not centered #3127
  • [Fixed] Scroll issue with touchpad in language combobox #3129
  • [Fixed] Can't add apps from Blitz's subdirectory #3141
  • [Fixed] License activation dialog design issues #3145
  • [Fixed] No longer able to add filters that do not have a .txt extension #3165
  • [Fixed] Unnecessary colon is displayed for Yandex-Turbo redirect userscript #3176
  • [Improved] AdGuard GUI unnecessarily raising Windows platform timer resolution #2734
  • [Added] An option to hide blocked QIUC records in the filtering log #2912
  • [Added] Wizard's provided filters to the pre-downloaded defaults #3162
  • [Added] "What's new" screen after the major app update #3169
  • [Changed] Some items have been renamed or added in the tray menu #3103
  • [Fixed] Cannot report a website from Assistant when UI is not running #2138
  • [Fixed] Wrong date on statistics #3015
  • [Fixed] Some processes are active after AdGuard update bug installer #3126
  • [Fixed] Individual userscript incompatibility #3201
  • [Fixed] Browsing security notifications don’t work #3203
  • [Improved] Using the current browser for the webpage opening #2099
  • [Improved] Update Advanced Uninstall Utility #2940
  • [Improved] Get rid of double negative in "filter EV" section #3133
  • [Improved] Handling the well-known errors during installation is made more user-friendly #3163
  • [Improved] Send Console and Host logs to the Sentry among with the Service logs #3172
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