AdGuard for Windows - 7.4 beta 2

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The second beta for AdGuard for Windows is released! There are not so many changes as in the first beta but the second one is just as important. This update features changes to the user interface – hopefully, you’ll like them! A bunch of fixes, mainly concerning technical issues, is also included in the list.

  • [Added] Add new Edge browser support #3217
  • [Fixed] Using extension w/app allows user to bypass Parental Control #3219
  • [Fixed] Screen is twitching after disabling the extension #3229
  • [Fixed] Pale buttons' text while starting the AdGuard #3236
  • [Fixed] Some requests’ names are cut and not displayed in the filtering log #3249
  • [Fixed] Browser restart is required after AdGuard update #3250
  • [Fixed] After reinstalling the application does not work #3238
  • [Improved] HTTP proxy mode's description is disabled #3227
  • [Improved] Update CoreLibs to 1.5.238 #3246
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