AdGuard for Windows - 7.4 RC 1 is available!

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Meet the first (and hopefully the last) release candidate of AdGuard v7.4 for Windows!
In this update, we've made focus on fixing UI-related and other minor issues.
  • [Bug] Some installation-related processes are still active after an update #3126
  • [Bug] Connection errors #3237
  • [Bug] "AdGuard Browser Assistant is not installed or configured incorrectly" error #3241
  • [Bug] Disabled userscripts reenable automatically after an update #3258
  • [Bug] AdGuard starts in a windows instead of being minimized in the system tray #3276
  • [Bug] "AdGuard installed successfully" window pops up after a reboot #3278
  • [Enhancement] Browser Assistant now supports Waterfox and Cliqz browsers #3264
  • [Enhancement] CoreLibs has been updated to v1.5.249 #3277
This version on a Github.
Direct download link.
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