AdGuard for Windows - 7.5.2 beta 1 is available!



This beta version of AdGuard for Windows mostly focuses on CoreLibs, which will improve the overall filtering quality.

  • [Fixed] AdGuard ignores some of the Stealth Mode user settings #3516
  • [Fixed] DNS filtering blocks Internet connection #3526
Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.7.114
  • [Enhancement] Added $ping content type #1258
  • [Enhancement] #@# without any domains specified now disables the rule completely #1296
  • [Enhacement] Added $redirect-rule modifier #1303
  • [Enhancement] Trusted-types CSP does not break the content script #1320
  • [Fixed] AGFDVSocket doesn't return the original peer address in case of outbound proxy set #1330
  • [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter domains when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1343
  • [Fixed] Exclusions with $elemhide,jsinject,extension disable HTML filtering rules #1337
  • [Fixed] Filtering log doesn't show information about cookies #3406
  • [Fixed] Problematic userscripts #1273
  • [Fixed] Regexp rule doesn't match URL #1311
  • [Fixed] Path combining helper adds an extra slash #1338
  • [Fixed] The filter ID of the triggered rule for a blocked request is not defined correctly #1312
  • [Fixed] Foreign requests get into filtering log with enabled DNS module #3411
  • [Fixed] Issue with #1340
  • [Fixed] Encoding errors #79
  • [Fixed] AGFDVSocket doesn't return original peer address in case of outbound proxy set #1330
  • [Fixed] AdGuard won't start after restart #3380
  • [Fixed] OCSP checks aren't passed through the selected DNS #1328
  • [Fixed] Redundant errors when accessed from non-HTTPS-filtered processes #1056
  • [Fixed] $badfilter rules are sensitive to domain lists #1331
  • [Other] Speed is capped at 400-500 Mbps #702
  • [Other] Partial HTML processing issues #1308
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