AdGuard for Windows - 7.5 beta 2 is available!


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It seems reasonable to test the waters before releasing a new version. Usually, we make two betas - the first one is more brash and bold, and the second one is more cautious and focused on bug fixes and improvements of the previous one.

AdGuard for Windows 7.5 beta 2 features important UI-related tasks. We also fixed the localization error that occurred when using Simplified Chinese in the app and improved the efficiency of CoreLibs filtering engine.

  • [Enhancement] Upgrade CoreLibs to 1.7.12 #3458
  • [Fixed] Recently added filter won't show up in the filter editor #3340
  • [Fixed] List of built-in DNS servers is doubled on UI #3456
  • [Fixed] Selecting Simplified Chinese leads to problems with subscriptions #3457
  • [Other] "Not Found" icon carries over to other Settings sections #3413
This version on a Github.
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