AdGuard for Windows - 7.6 beta 1



The biggest thing about AdGuard v7.6.1 beta for Windows is the enhancement of the DNS protection module. Users now have multiple options to add custom DNS filtering rules and entire filters. Plenty of fixes and improvements to CoreLibs will ensure an overall better filtering quality.

[Enhancement] Custom DNS subscriptions support #3641

In v7.5 we introduced DNS protection module. To refresh your memory: it offered the option to select any DNS server instead of the system default as another way to enhance your online privacy. What it didn't offer is any way to customize the DNS filtering. Once you selected the server and the preferred encryption protocol, you were set.
In this beta, we give you a range of new options to shape the DNS filtering the way you want. It includes several tools, all of which can be found inside the DNS filters editor section.

  • DNS user rules — the most basic way to block/allow DNS requests. Works very similarly to the regular User rules. Note that it supports DNS filtering syntax, which is much less complex than the syntax for network filtering.
  • Importing a DNS filter — click on the 'plus' icon in the bottom left corner, and you'll see a new window pop up. Click on the Import filter button and then either enter a filter URL or browse a suitable local filter. You can find a lot of DNS filters on this website. AdGuard DNS filter is the only one available by default.
  • Adding a custom DNS filter — accesible by clicking the 'plus' icon and then choosing the Add custom filter option. Choose a name and a description and then treat the new DNS filter like any other: import rules, add or remove them manually one by one, disable and enable the filter at will in one click.

[Enhancement] DNS-over-QUIC support

When you choose AdGuard DNS server in DNS protection, you now have an option to select DNS-over-QUIC as your encryption protocol of choice. It's the newest protocol, with lots of advantages, and AdGuard DNS is the first public DNS provider to offer it.

[Other] Improved compatibility with AdGuard VPN

AdGuard for Windows was already compatible with AdGuard VPN, but in this release we pushed it even further. We fixed several bugs and now the two apps will work more smoothly alongside each other.

  • [Fixed] DNS encryption stops working #3479
  • [Fixed] Incorrect hotkey behavior in Filter Editor #3652
  • [Fixed] IPv6 failure with DNS filtering enabled #3490
  • [Fixed] Filtering log work incorrectly after importing #3645
  • [Fixed] The AdGuard Browser Assistant extension is shown as incompatible #3606
  • [Fixed] HTTPS certificate failure after rebooting the system #3710
  • [Other] Reboot is now requested if TDI driver is active during its update #3706
  • [Other] System theme auto switch now happens in real-time #3464
  • [Other] Introduced new crash reporter
CoreLibs updated to v1.7.201
  • [Enhancement] CL now checks that trusted-types CSP does not break the content script #1320
  • [Enhancement] Added $noop modifier #1387
  • [Enhancement] Added filter lists downloader module #1279
  • [Enhancement] Improved the way negation works for $redirect rules #1388
  • [Enhancement] $removeparam syntax updated, $queryprune added as an alias #1384
  • [Enhancement] $domain modifier is now used for target domains only in non-domain rules #1354
  • [Fixed] Filtering log records don't contain the original remote address when an outbound proxy is set up #1330
  • [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter domains when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1343
  • [Fixed] Exclusions with $elemhide,jsinject,extension disable HTML filtering rules #1337
  • [Fixed] Filtering log doesn't show information about cookies #3406
  • [Fixed] Regexp rule doesn't match URL #1311
  • [Fixed] Foreign requests get into Filtering log with enabled DNS module #3411
  • [Fixed] URL contains extra slash while matching against filters and some rules are not applied #1338
  • [Fixed] Wrong filter is shown in Filtering log #1312
  • [Fixed] FTP pages are broken #1351
  • [Fixed] No action is suggested when AdGuard CA's key is damaged #1415
  • [Fixed] Userscript exclusions do not work as they should #1425
  • [Fixed] Valid rules do not pass validation checks #1419
  • [Fixed] min-length is not working in HTML filtering rules #1383
  • [Other] HTML is not detected on some sites #1308
  • [Other] certificate is not re-issued when it expires #1348
  • [Other] ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR on some websites #1374
  • [Other] Rules with $extension modifier unblock blocked requests #1350
DnsLibs updated to v1.4
  • [Enhancement] Added missing DNSCrypt info in DNS stamps of platform adapters #90
  • [Enhancement] Optimistic DNS #83
  • [Enhancement] DoQ/DoH/DoT queries are now retried before resorting to fallback #86
  • [Other] Encoding errors #79
  • [Other] Added DoQ support in DNS stamps #84
  • [Other] Added an option to pass custom filtering rules without file #30
  • [Other] Added an option to specify IP_BOUND_IF/SO_BINDTODEVICE for outgoing connections #78
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