[AdGuard for Windows 7.6 Nightly 5] Extension list empty


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Extension list shows up empty even tho there are extensions installed. (Default once installed only)
oh and when i run the update check the extensions are not listed so it doesn't even try to update them.

no idea exactly how this started cause it was fine a few days ago and nothing on pc is changed

Operating system: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 1809 (OS Build 17763.1637)

Version: AdGuard for Windows 7.6 Nightly 5

How to reproduce: Just do a manual update check.

How to fix: Restart the app and the list returns.


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oh i should also mention
the beta version of adguard-extra seems bugged before i had this but above appear i couldnt update to latest version of it it just gave me "error" in the update list so tried to remove it and manually add it then it gave me "can't update userscript content: cannot make userscript's "url" meta json because of an error (error code is USCR_EMETA)." then i reset to defaults... so back to adguard extra beta 1.0.175