AdGuard for Windows - 7.7 beta


Quality Assurance
The main focus of this release was to fix bugs and improve user experience. We performed tough tests and were unable to crash the app! But you can surely fix it, right? :)
For starters, we implemented low-level DNS settings, added the Finnish language and updated other translations.

There are not many significant changes in this version but we’ve put our energy into something no less important. We updated CoreLibs and DNSLibs, fixed various issues along the way, and did some magic with the filtering log to make it more user-friendly.

And just between us, we’re going to develop and release a brand new AdGuard for Windows. We bet you’ll find many killer feature there! besides, we plan to bring an extensive redesign to it. So stay tuned, and you’re going to witness the arrival of v8.0!

[Enhancement] Added low-level DNS settings

There is a new section named *Blocking mode for DNS* in low-level settings. Now you can select the response type if you've requested a DNS domain blocked by a DNS filtering rule. There are three response types to choose from: *Refused*, *NxDomain*, or *Redirect address*. For instance, if the last option is selected, all the blocked DNS requests will be redirected to the IPv4 or IPv6 address specified by the user.

Besides, settings with fallback servers were modified. In the previous v7.6.1 there was a simple option *Enable DNS Fallback*. Now users not only can enable it, but also select whether they want to use the system or custom fallback DNS. By the way, you can add several fallback servers at once.

And finally, there are DNS exclusions — domains in this list will be resolved through the system DNS.
  • [Fixed] Cannot install CA certificate when "Use Unicode UTF-8 (beta)" is enabled in Windows settings #3763
  • [Fixed] Parental control can be bypassed with AdGuard Browser Assistant #3815
  • [Fixed] Conflict with Sophos Endpoint Security and Control #3791
  • [Fixed] Filters don't update if the Default update interval is set #3825
  • [Fixed] Opening extra window with a Chinese language proposition while selecting Czech language #3877
  • [Fixed] Filtering completely stops working for some time #3880
  • [Fixed] The rule must be disabled after adding the comment symbol #3766
  • [Fixed] Ctrl-Shift-Z is not working in Filter Editor #3756
  • [Fixed] DNS requests don't reach client server after update #3757
  • [Enhancement] Finnish translations are missing yet they've been 100% completed for a long time #3898
  • [Enhancement] Compatibility with the Cent Browser #3342
  • [Enhancement] Added Sidekick to the list of default browsers #3769
  • [Enhancement] Make items in the tray menu inactive when we AdGuard's license is not activated #3817
  • [Enhancement] Change tooltips in filters editor to multiline #3870
  • [Other] Unable to activate the app if the old license is outdated #3811
  • [Other] Browser assistant async #3824
  • [Other] New tray icons for AdGuard

Updated CoreLibs to v1.8.185
  • [Fixed] Some :xpath rules do not work #1479
  • [Fixed] Allow to apply `$removeparam` rules to all resources #1492
  • [Fixed] Rule with `$important` modifier should have higher priority than rule with `$all` modifier #1440
  • [Fixed] Browser Assistant can’t view website’s original security certificate #1422
  • [Enhancement] Added an option to send Global Privacy Control's Do Not Sell signal to Stealth Mode #1451
  • [Enhancement] Added `$denyallow` modifier #1304
  • [Enhancement] Added `$redirect-rule` modifier #1303
  • [Enhancement] Added `$removeheader` modifier #1427
  • [Enhancement] Added `$specifichide` modifier #1166
  • [Enhancement] Add full regex support for `$network` rules #1394
  • [Enhancement] Allow `*##` cosmetic rules #1437
  • [Enhancement] Rules with `$` in path don't work #161
  • [Other] Improve invalid CA cert or key detection #1455

Updated DnsLibs to v1.6.36
  • [Fixed] SERVFAIL/timeout issue on iOS #108
  • [Fixed] Increase DNS timeout for DnsProxy.testUpstream #112
  • [Enhancement] Upgrade to QUIC version 1 #111
  • [Enhancement] Truncate reply to size expected by client #103
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