AdGuard for Windows - 7.8 RC 1


Quality Assurance
Less than a week has passed since the release of the second beta, as we are ready to present the release candidate of AdGuard for Windows v7.8.

We tried to reach our goal as soon as possible, simultaneously fixing all the minor bugs that got in our way. And modern problems, as you know, require modern solutions, so we could not do without updating DnsLibs and CoreLibs.

The release is approaching faster than the New Year holidays!

  • [Fixed] The filter is not displayed in the filtering log when its rule is applied #3992
  • [Fixed] Bandizip is not filtered #3334
  • [Other] CoreLibs updated to v1.8.274 #4053
  • [Other] DnsLibs updated to v1.6.71 #4049

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