AdGuard for Windows 7.8


Quality Assurance
We once again reviewed GitHub repo and realized that we had been working for almost six months on version 7.7. And less than two months on version 7.8. Yes, there were fewer tasks in this version, but we did a good job on improving everything: Browsing Security, network drivers, CoreLibs and DNSLibs, other minor features, and – hopefully – your user experience.

[Enhancement] Browsing Security

Browsing Security is a module that blocks requests to malicious and phishing websites. You might have seen a nice looking banner caringly stating "AdGuard has blocked access to this page": that's what Browsing Security does. Now it's working a way better: requests for information about malicious domains are not sent to a server, but to a periodically updated database stored locally on your computer. This is faster and safer.

[Enhancement] WFP and TDI network drivers

We've also updated and enhanced our network drivers for Windows – WFP and TDI. Both have been helpful, among other things, to improve compatibility with other applications.

Other good stuff

And of course, there is no release without updating CoreLibs, our main filtering engine, and DNSLibs. Meet their new versions: more flexible, more powerful.
As always: minor bugs have been fixed.
As always: perfection has no limits.

Hope that your holidays will be safer with AdGuard.


  • [Enhancement] Update AdGuard WFP and TDI network drivers
  • [Enhancement] 360 browser has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #4018
  • [Fixed] Browser assistant is still available after the license expires #4020
  • [Fixed] Update info is incorrect after manual update #3997
  • [Fixed] QUIC requests are blocked and shown as TCP when app is excluded from filtering
  • [Fixed] Different type of dialog window opens when adding a custom DNS server
  • [Fixed] Right click on the tray menu icon opens the main window #3908
  • [Fixed] AdGuard defines the Chromium browser as the Sidekick browser #4008
  • [Fixed] AdGuard crashes when trying to use an occupied port in proxy mode
  • [Fixed] Once a custom DNS server is added, in some cases it remains inactive #4042
  • [Fixed] The filter is not displayed in the filtering log when its rule is applied #3992
  • [Fixed] Bandizip is not filtered #3334
  • [Other] Add handling of `adguard:add_dns_server` URLs

Updated CoreLibs to v1.8.274
  • [Enhancement] QUIC SNI decoder logic #1554
  • [Fixed] The rule `@@*$network,app=chrome.exe` causes AdGuard to crash #4015
  • [Fixed] Failed to install a custom filter list with `#include` directive #1553
  • [Other] Support Safebrowsing V2 in the new version of CoreLibs

Updated DnsLibs to v1.6.71
  • [Fixed] Crash when parsing an invalid SDNS stamp #127

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