AdGuard for Windows 7.9.1


Quality Assurance
Some users could experience problems in AdGuard 7.9 occurring when *Traffic filtering* is disabled. Also, you might have faced problems with filter updates. So here we are with a hotfix that will solve them. And we also seized the opportunity to update DNSLibs and CoreLibs and make some minor bug fixes. Now the app’s performance will be more stable.

  • [Enhancement] Update CoreLibs to 1.9.43 #4150
  • [Enhancement] Update DnsLibs to 1.7.12
  • [Fixed] Disabling Traffic filtering causes a crash after restarting AdGuard #4142
  • [Fixed] Error while checking for filter updates #4143
  • [Fixed] Disabling `Show quic` doesn't work until filtering log is relaunched #4133
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New Member
Since the update to this release I have to turn AdGuard off to get internet connectivity. While it is on I have no access. As soon as I turn it off BINGO! I am once again connected.