AdGuard for Windows - 7.9 beta 1


Quality Assurance
The year 2022 has just begun and we already have something to show you. Meet the first beta version of AdGuard 7.9 for Windows! What have we managed to do since the last release? We've applied some AdGuard magic and greatly improved the performance of our app. We've enhanced the advanced DNS settings by adding a bootstrap option. Now you can specify IP addresses of the DNS servers that are used to determine the address of the encrypted DNS servers. We've also fixed an unpleasant bug with language filters auto-activation, improved the UI to make AdGuard even more user-friendly and eliminated other issues. Also, following the tradition, we've updated CoreLibs and DNSLibs.

  • [Enhancement] Added an advanced option to set custom DNS bootstrap address #4080
  • [Enhancement] Added sorting by request type `Connection` #3830
  • [Enhancement] Browser Assistant's filtering log won't open when AdGuard is closed, but continues filtering #3335
  • [Fixed] Language-specific filters are automatically enabled even if the Ad Blocker module is disabled. #4098
  • [Fixed] Pseudo-update of userscripts #4050
  • [Fixed] Link to the Home page in the User rules settings #4068
  • [Fixed] When adding a new rule via Filtering log, the default rule includes the name of the filter it belongs to #4045
  • [Fixed] Wrong padding under filter name in the filter editor #3553
  • [Fixed] A mistake in the text of the license agreement in the Installer #4060
  • [Fixed] AdGuard uses about 10% CPU on `` with disabled protection on this website #4003
  • [Fixed] Reworked onboarding animation on Privacy protection slide

Updated CoreLibs to v1.9.20
  • [Enhancement] Added an ability to apply cosmetic rules to specific URLs only #124
  • [Enhancement] Improved detection of content type using `Sec-Fetch-Dest` header #1382
  • [Enhancement] Changed default address `Hide your IP` #1516
  • [Enhancement] TLS fingerprint should not change when AdGuard is enabled #1503
  • [Enhancement] Improved the HTTPS filter certificate caching algorithm #1402
  • [Fixed] Authorization on `` doesn't work when `Self-destruct third-party cookie files` function is enabled #1502
  • [Fixed] If rule with `$all` modifier is applied, wrong rule appears in logs #1535
  • [Fixed] AdGuard breaks the encoding on #1534
  • [Fixed] An error `net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR` on `` #1518
  • [Fixed] Rules with `$third-party` modifier do not work at `` #1523
  • [Other] AdGuard fails at pinning test on `` #1526
  • [Other] Validation errors on `RegEx` entries #1544

Updated DnsLibs to v1.7.4
  • [Other] Started using NativeLibsCommon in DnsLibs #128
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