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    Jan 30, 2015
    I'm wondering if I need some (same/like) filters also activated when the Adguard DNS filter is activated in the Ad Blocker>Filter Subscriptions?
    These filters of v-BELOW-v

    English filter
    Social filter
    Spyware filter
    Mobile ads filter
    EasyList and EasyPrivacy

    So is there a need to also have each seperate ^-ABOVE-^ filter activated along with the Adguard DNS filter?
    Adguard DNS filter's "popup" says - basically it (all filters ^-ABOVE-^) combines several filters transformed for better DNS filtering.

    Which leads to my questions of is there a need for all these others filters to be active as well, and Adguard DNS filter "transforming" is only related to DNS filtering that these filters wouldn't addresss otherwise?

    Someday will Adguard up the count of active filters being used without showing us a "Warning" that having to many will slowdown the users browsing experience? I believe after 8 going to 9 in count you get the AG WARNING!

    Does it make a difference here, of AG's Warning, to which one of the browser, a user is using of all the choices that are being given/offered to them, IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc... - to spar this action of the warning?

    Additional Questions:

    Does the Adguard DNS filter only apply to the ENGLISH lauguage as the first filter calls out in the info. popup the ENGLISH Filter and of the others, I believe are also for English speaking websites.?

    Will someday Adguard offer us ENGLISH speaking intallers/users, the option not to include other Ad Blocker Language Filters during that of our installing it? Like in getting started the option (check box) to also use other languages Ad Blocker Filters or not?

    OR, a self monoring and Cleaning-up (omitting) of these other Ad blocker languages filters lists by sensing the default OS language of our system that's being used on our PC's and only including the apporpreate language filters for our installion of Adguard on Windows, and would truly be nice offering to us.

    Will Adguard DNS ever move to the Adguard for Windows Install medium?
    [Adguard DNS together with DNSCrypt you will have to install a small client application and select one of our servers in the list.]
    Maybe as an Extension like as the AG Assistant and AG PopUp blocker for the installed program of Adguard for Windows?

    My Adguard Filter Subscriptions used with version

    Social Media
    Adguard DNS
    Fanboy's Social Blocking List
    Fanboy's Annoyance
    Fanboy's Enhancement Tracking List
    Adblock Warning Removal List
    Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek
    Fanboy's Anti-Facebook List
    I don't care about cookies
    Malware Domains
    Peter Lowe's List
    Spam 404

    Thanks for any answers and details,
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  2. vasily_bagirov

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    Jul 1, 2014
    The thing is, it is not a simple combination of those filters. Adguard DNS is a very specific filter, in a sense that it doesn't block separate URLs, only domains as a whole. This means that, first, many rules from filters mentioned by you are ignored there, and, second, some websites are whitelisted.

    It is a very general warning. Nothing disastrous will happen if you enable 10th or even 11th filter. The warning only means that on average machine enabling that big amount of filters may (or may not) cause performance drop.

    No, it contains some rules for other languages. It does not substitute language-specific filters, though, as far as I understand.

    No, because that way if someone has only installed Adguard in one language, and then decides to switch to the other, it will require them to download the package first. Anyway, language packages do not weigh much in terms of downloaded data.

    Again, what if you visit a website in another language, for example? Now Adguard is able to auto-enable an appropriate filter (if this option is enabled) immediately, otherwise it would have to download it first, in which case the whole point of this option disappears. I personally do not see any reason to not have other language filters being downloaded beforehand. It doesn't take almost any HDD space or use traffic compared to the app itself.

    Not currently on our radar.
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  3. Gass

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    Jan 30, 2015

    I got most of what you said not understanding Adguard anymore than I do -[but trying too]-.
    Just looking for some fine tuning of the things that aren't that useful to me as I would think.
    I don't have on - the use other languages because I stay mostly EU-USA searches and info. sites.

    About "Adguard DNS is a very specific filter" from what I'm able to understand this is liken to broad sweep approach (yes?)
    and the other filters are liken to a fine combing (yes?) - bottom line one needs to use both or the prior if the after is being used (yes?).

    I always like your answers they make me think...
    Thanks, Gass :D
  4. vasily_bagirov

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    Jul 1, 2014
    Very roughly - yes. DNS blocking implies blocking the whole domains (more detailed explanation here).

    No, if you use DNS filter, you will have some of the domains blocked completely and more fine rules will have no effect then. Normally you want to use regular filters, and switch to DNS filter only if you have a specific reason to do so.
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