AdGuard for Windows Killing Load Times for Some Websites


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I've used AdGuard's free extension and Chromium Edge for more than a year with no problems. Recently, I upgraded to the full app for Windows 10. I left all the default settings and filters as-is (no changes*).

Immediately some websites started taking forever to load—anywhere from 10 seconds to over a minute. When restarting the browser, 20-30% of the tabs crash with a timeout or protocol error and require a refresh to load. I eventually removed Edge.exe from the filtered applications and the problem immediately went away.

For me, browsing performance and stability are more important than strict privacy. Removal of most ads, annoyances like accepting cookies and protection against malicious sites are the main features I need. Is there a configuration that will achieve this without killing performance?

AdGuard for Windows 7.5.3

Note: I just submitted a ticket for this and then remembered the forum where answers might help others as well.

(*Edit: DNS, Stealth Mode and Parental Control are all disabled. I can't recall for sure if they were already off by default, but didn't help in any case.)
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Also if you're using an antivirus app besides Windows Defender, what? There's known issues with Malwarebytes, for example.


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Issue happens also with disabled antivirus?
Thanks for your response. I'm currently running Windows Defender. If I disable it temporarily to see if that helps, what would be the next step? I won't leave anti-virus protection off permanently just to run AdGuard.