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Hi to all of you Adguard for Windows users!

As some of you already know, we released a new update recently. We posted about it in Adguard 6 thread, but since it is quite important, we decided that it deserves a separate thread.

This update eliminates issue with Windows Insider Preview. You are able to update to the latest version from your client.

[Fixed] Issues in Windows 10 Insider Preview build caused by SHA-1 certificate used for network drivers. [url=][url=]#915[/url][/url]

Let us elaborate a little on this one, since this change stands out as the most important one in this update. Recently we have noticed, with the help of our beta testers, that SHA-1 certificate previously used to sign our network drivers, was in a process of being deprecated. Effectively this means that users of Windows 10 Insider Preview were not able to enable Adguard protection. We have signed our network drivers with new certificates, and now all users will be able to run Adguard without any problems.

[B]UI Changes[/B]
[Fixed] 'Upgrade license' notification is no more shown for licenses activated with beta key [url=]#905[/url]
[Fixed] Bug when some apps wouldn't show among 'filtered apps' until they are started [url=]#913[/url]
[Fixed] Latest update check time is not being updated [url=]#862[/url]
[Fixed] Pressing Alt-F4 while in Adguard tray menu will no longer result in closing the main window [url=]#900[/url]

[B]Ad Blocker[/B]
[Fixed] K-Meleon browser is now correctly detected as installed [url=]#894[/url]
[Fixed] Unnecessary language-specific filter activation [url=]#863[/url]
[Fixed] WebRTC will no more be blocked for applications which are not in the Filtered Apps list [url=]#871[/url]
[Improved] Default HTTPs exclusions list was significantly updated [url=]#912[/url]

[Changed] Auto update mechanism [url=]#835[/url]
[Fixed] Adguard beta won't update after clicking on 'Install' button in 'About' section [url=]#648[/url]
[Fixed] MSI shows "remove settings" dialog on uninstall. [url=]#858[/url]
[Fixed] WFP driver is now uninstalled correctly on Win 10 x64 [url=]#854[/url]

[B]Languages and translations[/B]
[Fixed] "User filter" is not translated to Polish [url=]#824[/url]

[url=]#883[/url], [url=]#852[/url], [url=]#839[/url], [url=]#898[/url], [url=]#873[/url], [url=]#851[/url], [url=]#868[/url], [url=]#848[/url]
We would like to hear about your impressions in comments below!


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Thanks for the update! I have upgraded back from Adguard 5.10 with this release, and I see that ABP Japanese filter is no longer enabled automatically, solving lots of unpleasant issues I had last time with Adguard 6.

From now, I'm paying close attentions to the effect of each filters when it comes to laggy browsing.
The following applies ONLY to IE (tested on IE11), no issue with Chrome / Edge:
  • - Browser will 100% hang after a few seconds of loading. Cause: Spyware Filter
  • Amazon / Amazon Japan - Laggy load-up and high CPU usage, particularly when scrolling down quickly through item description, review etc.
    Cause: English filter (affects Amazon Japan too). Japanese filter seems to have an effect too, though not really noticeable.
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