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Good news, everyone!

We are finally ready to release a new stable version today. During the last couple of months that had passed since the 6.0 release we were able to track quite a lot of bugs and defects, which were crucial to fix. So we concentrated on them for a while. Finally, everything seems to be fixed and we are ready to turn on the autoupdate for all our users who still use Adgguard 5.10. We were looking forward to this moment!

Even if you were already using Adguard 6 and you are not as excited by these news as we are, you should be. This release means we can finally put all our efforts into implementing cool new features you might have or have not seen in our roadmap.

Below are listed all the changes and fixes we made since the Adguard 6.0 release. Most important of them, as usual, are described in detail.

You can download new version at this link: setup.exe

[B][SIZE=3]UI changes[/SIZE][/B]

[Changed] Adguard uses native-style tray menu now [url=]#1006[/url]
[Changed] Adguard window is now opened with a single click on tray menu [url=]#1030[/url]
[Fixed] 'About' window content is not flickering anymore [url=]#954[/url] 
[Fixed] Empty strings are now removed when importing user filter [url=]#973[/url]
[Fixed] Error previously encountered while installing a userstyle [url=]#934[/url]
[Improved] Proxy name validator now recognizes domain names and not only IP addresses [url=]#931[/url]

[B][SIZE=3]Ad Blocker[/SIZE][/B]

[Improved] Added $stealth modifier that disables Stealth Mode for the specified website [url=]#339[/url]

As we already mentioned in our [URL=""]blog[/URL], separate whitelist for Stealth Mode is on our roadmap. It is a much needed feature for anyone who actively uses Stealth Mode. We are not quite there yet, but we made a big step in the right direction by implementing $stealth modifier. It works similar to all other modifiers, just add it to any exception rule and it will disable Stealth Mode for that website specifically, even if the module itself is enabled. 
For example: [CODE]@@||^$stealth
You can find more information about rules formatting on our website:

[Changed] Facebook windows app added to default filtered apps list #974
[Changed] $replace rules should now have higher priority than other basic rules #1023
[Fixed] Adguard does not try to filter data: URLs any more #1007
[Fixed] $domain modifier now does work for blocking WebSocket connections #998
[Fixed] Adguard now doesn't ignore tag href attribute while constructing absolute URL #978
[Fixed] Bug when parser builds wrong absolute URL #1021
[Fixed] Error previously encountered while parsing a style tag with embedded svg #977
[Fixed] Language-specific filters are now detected properly from users keyboard layouts #401
[Improved] Adguard now can process websites names in punycode when adding them to HTTPS exclusions #962

Languages and Translations

[Added] Support for complex language codes #808
We have completely reworked applications localization system. This allowed us to significantly increase number of languages we can potentially support (this mostly concerns various dialects, alternative alphabets etc.).

[Added] Croatian language


[Improved] HTML content detection #855
Content type detection was significantly improved. This effectively means that Adguard will not interfere with those types of traffic which do not require filtering, decreasing the number of potential conflicts.

[Fixed] Web interface of TP-Link router is not broken by Adguard any more #844
Some of our users encountered problems with accessing TP-Link routers' interface with enabled Adguard. Upon investigating this issue we discovered a serious issue with WFP driver which resulted in problems with displaying some websites. As a result, we have improved communication with some specific web-servers.

[Added] Support for HTTP method REPORT #1020
[Fixed] Adguard can now detect HTML if there is an xml declaration at the document start #011
[Fixed] ESET compatibility issue when Chrome browser would randomly hang #899
[Fixed] Data is now read to end after blocking a POST request #916
[Fixed] Issue with unexpected connection reset with TDI driver #1025


[Fixed] Blank dialog while updating from 5.10 to 6.0 #924
[Fixed] CMD window is no more shown on Adguard update #935
[Fixed] An issue when update errors were shown as valid updates in tray notification #993
[Fixed] Adguard now detects Chrome in 'Filtered apps' on Windows 10 insider build #972


#914, #927, #948, #946, #945, #944, #1014, #1029

We hope all the problems were fixed, but in case you still encounter any, please leave a message in comments section.

Update: new hotfix for the 6.0.224 release is available, 6.0.226.

Can be downloaded at this link: setup.exe

[Fixed] Indefinite loading of router page [URL=""]#1042[/URL]
[Fixed] Rare problem when Adguard crashes after clicking on tray menu icon [URL=""]#1045[/URL]
[Fixed] Adguard will not crash any more if you switch tabs while have active search on 'Settings' screen [URL=""]#1043[/URL]
[Fixed] Adguard now detects HTML correctly for all websites if there is an xml declaration at the document start [URL=""]#1011[/URL]
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Yes, of course. I turn off the Adguard and service. But it doesn't update.

I downloaded the installer. It says: Adguard already installed
We will need installation logs then. You can find them in directories %tmp% and %windir%/temp and they always start with 'Adguard' prefix.

Please send them to us, via support or directly here.


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Can you guys make sure that you update the default user agent to the latest version, otherwise its shows that we are using an older version.
Maybe you can do it with each setup update version.

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