[AdGuard for Windows] v6.1.258.1302 RC

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Hello everyone!

Update: RC

You are probably tired of new release candidates, there were a lot lately indeed. But here is another one: it includes several fixes which had to be done before the final version is released.

[Fixed] Several userscripts compatibility issues #1259
[Fixed] EV certs file is removed on every driver restart #1260
[Fixed] QUIC-connections are slipping through Adguard #1261

You can find the full description on GitHub: https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdguardForWindows/releases

And download it at this link: https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdguardForWindows/releases/download/v6.1.256.1292-rc/Setup.exe

Update: beta version
In this release candidate we offer only one change, but quite important and useful change it is.

[Added] :matches-css-* pseudo-class support #7

This pseudo-class allows to select any element by its style. Why do we need it? Some websites use a very complicated layout to circumvent ad blocking (one of the best examples is mail.yandex.ru). Ad layout is completely similar to the valid elements aside of the Ad label which is added with a ::before pseudo-element. With this new pseudo-class such ad element can be selected and, therefore, blocked. Custom filtering rules enthusiasts can learn more from the comments in the task itself.#1247

Update: beta version
The last release candidate showed the need for some honing, so here's another one. The most important problem we address here is the incorrect handling of some userscripts.

[Changed] Adguard won't see modern apps #1249
[Fixed] Assistant is not working on online-freebee.net #1232
[Fixed] Extended css rules change requires protection restart to be applied #1244
[Fixed] Bug preventing some userscripts from working properly #1247

Update: beta version
We made you wait for a while before releasing another release candidate. It is mostly because we were working on a very important addition: extended selectors support. You can read what is so crucial about it below, along with other changes.

[Added] Support for extended selectors #1225

This is a technical term, but what hides behind it? With extended selectors support, we can much more easily create some rules that were very, very hard to create earlier. Notably, this concerns rules required to block such things as 'Sponsored posts' on Facebook.

[Fixed] Hebrew localization mistakes #1076
[Fixed] Unicode symbols are broken in javascript rules #1234
[Fixed] Multiple Adguard.Tools.exe issue #1229
[Fixed] Grammarly plugin compatibility issue #1231
[Fixed] HTTPS requests are displayed as HTTP in Filtering log #1237
[Fixed] Incorrect userscript auto-detection #1241

Update: beta version
Only two days passed since the last beta update, and everything seems to be fine with it. It means that today we are ready to publish a release candidate. Release candidates don't often come with a big changelog, and this RC is not an exception.

[Changed] Default Assistant icon placement adjustment on vk.com #1166
[Fixed] Adguard Assistant compatibility issue with Opera dev #1173
[Fixed] License screen issue in Russian localization #424

Update beta
This beta doesn't feature any new additions or standout changes. Rather just a bunch of various fixes and improvements. Overall, though, they present a basis for a release candidate, which will come soon if nothing goes wrong with this beta.

Ad blocking

[Changed] List of stealth mode settings enabled by default #1197
[Improved] Changed $empty modifier behavior #1184
[Improved] Added support for the :style pseudo class syntax #1186


[Added] Hebrew localization #1076
[Added] "Versions history" link on the "About" screen #1185
[Fixed] Extra dialog window pops up when you select 'Debug' logging level #1205


[Changed] SHA-1 deprecation rules are not being used on Windows XP anymore #1115
[Changed] Browser cache suppressing algorithm on filters change #1190
[Fixed] Router page loading indefinitely #1042
[Fixed] Adguard misinterprets greasemonkey/tampermonkey update checks #1202
[Improved] "Do not filter websites with EV certificates" feature #712


[Changed] Facebook and Facebook Messenger UWP apps excluded from filtering #1195
[Changed] HAL app added to the list of filtered by default #779
[Fixed] An empty 'C:\Performix LLC' folder is created #646
[Fixed] Adguard update error #1053

Update: beta
This beta features one addition to settings screen (userscript handling), along with a bunch of networking fixes and minor issues.

[Added] Userscripts handling #1172

We adopted a new way of handling user.js (userscript) files. Now Adguard will automatically detect when user.js file was processed. If it is a valid userscript, Adguard will open a dialog window, offering user to install it. Of course, this setting will be optional and possible to turn off through settings.


[Fixed] Push API feature messes with Facebook comments and chat #1175
[Fixed] Enabling 'Block WebRTC' in Stealth Mode breaks Web Audio API #994
[Fixed] An issue with hanged connections #1061
[Fixed] Adguard assistant doesn't work in 'Avast safezone' browser #1176
[Improved] Network SDK was updated #1179


[Changed] sbrf.ru added to https exclusions #1193
[Fixed] Crash on tray icon click #1045
[Fixed] Adguard is not injected on epidemz.com #1126
[Fixed] Assistant is not working on mts.ru #1188
[Fixed] packagecontrol.io issue #1183

Update: beta
This beta introduces 'Advanced settings' section along with other, more minor changes.

[Added] 'Advanced' settings window #1069

Our Adguard for Android users are already familiar with the concept of Advanced settings. We include there settings which, in our opinion, should not be changed by regular users, but only by experienced users, or after a conversation with our support team. This beta introduces Advanced setting for Adguard for Windows. It doesn't offer a plethora of different settings yet, but will be supplemented with more in future releases.


[Fixed] Adguard cannot detect HTML if there are symbols at the document start #1068
[Fixed] Adguard Assistant doesn't work in Opera 12.18 #1162
[Fixed] StealthMode doesn't allow to use custom IP #1167
[Fixed] Adguard Assistant doesn't work in Avast Safezone browser #1176
[Improved] Optimized basic filtering rules processing speed #1052


[Added] "More extensions..." button to the Extensions settings view #1171
[Added] Drag&Drop support for filter and userscript files #903
[Added] Warning notification if user unchecks the "Filter https protocol" box #923
[Changed] Stealth Mode settings UI layout #1153
[Fixed] Changed the language name for Dutch localization in Adguard settings #1161


[Changed] usaa.com added to exclusions #1155
[Changed] vps.cwgservices.org added to https exclusions #1130
[Changed] Facebook app for windows added to the list of apps filtered by default #1129
[Fixed] Various userscripts compatibility issues #1160, #1169
[Fixed] packagecontrol.io issue #1183
[Improved] Added additional options for @run-at key #1159

Update: beta This is the first beta version after the release of v.6.0.226. It covers all its shortcomings and adds several new features, that mostly concern Stealth Mode. We will describe them below.
### Stealth Mode

[Added] "Self destructing cookies" option in Stealth Mode

Previously Stealth Mode module provided only the option to completely block third-party cookies. Now you will not only have an ability to differ first- and third-party cookies, but also the ability to set the exact time which cookies will be kept alive for. Important note: you can still block cookies alltogether, just set the keep-alive time to '0'.

[Added] Added an option to block "Browser location API"
[Added] Added an option to block "Browser notifications API"

Normally browsers may detect your location and use this information to prioritize specific search results or make other various suggestions based on it. With browser location API blocked this will be impossible.
Blocking browser notifications API feature works somewhat similar, but rather prevents browser from showing things like news or social media frames that pop-up in the corner of your browser.

[Added] A possibility to set IP used to mask your real IP by "Hide IP" feature
[Changed] Default user agent to use when User Agent string field is empty

### Userscripts

[Improved] Content injection algorithm

We completely redesigned content injection algorithm. First and foremost, this should solve issues with document-start scripts, resolve some of the known conflicts (AdsBypasser, YouTube+), and also optimize usage of scripts and ad blocker styles. Overall, a technical, but very important change.

### Ad blocking

[Improved] Increase content filtering rules maximum length limit
[Fixed] Issue with adding localhost to parental control whitelist
[Fixed] Gmail issue when selecting element to block

### Networking

[Fixed] Adguard fails to detect HTML on some websites
[Fixed] Adguard 'Page is unavailable' error screen bug

### UI

[Added] Drag&Drop support for Filtered Apps
[Added] "Whitelisted" filter to the filtering log
[Changed] "Browse for executable" button moved to the filtered apps section
[Changed] Links to EULA and privacy policy added to "About" view
[Changed] Localizations were updated
[Fixed] Tooltip positioning problem
[Fixed] Adguard shows all filtered apps after adding a new one to the list
[Fixed] Adguard GUI starts with a system despite this option is disabled
[Fixed] "Clear" button is absent while there are only spaces entered in search string
[Fixed] User filter takes too much time to delete rules from it
[Fixed] Adguard recognizes UC browser only if it's launched
[Fixed] Adguard crashes when you search for something in 'Settings' and switch tabs
[Fixed] Chrome x64 installation is not detected
[Fixed] Firefox Nightly installation is not detected

### Install/Update

[Improved] Installation is not allowed to start when another installation is in progress
[Changed] Filters update check scheduled right after adding a new filter

### Minor

[Changed] Add `upload.my.mail.ru` to HTTPS exclusions
[Changed] Added GOM Player to the list of of apps filtered by default
[Changed] Added Telecom 7 browser to the list of apps filtered by default
[Changed] Added "BitComet" to the list of apps filtered by default
[Changed] WWAHost.exe added to the list of apps filtered by default
[Changed] Added line break after filter name in Rule section of blocked request
[Changed] Spotify app added to the list of apps filtered by default
[Changed] Add more modern UI apps to be filtered by default
[Fixed] Uploading video to my.mail.ru is broken by HTTPS filtering
[Fixed] Incorrect blocking rule in Filtering Log
[Fixed] FileWatcher does not work properly when filter file is replaced, not just modified
[Fixed] 'Proceed anyway' button doesn't work
[Fixed] Error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation
[Fixed] Uninstall utility does not remove UI settings folder
[Fixed] Problem with uninstalling Adguard
[Fixed] Random language change after updating from 5.10 to 6.0
[Fixed] Custom filter contains "enabled" empty rules

Update: beta Last beta version had a bit more bugs than we expected :) So here is a new one, with hotfixes for most spotted bugs, both major and minor.

Ad Blocker

[Fixed] Removed ads in GMail on Windows apps #1132


[Fixed] Unfinished downloads issue #1062
[Fixed] Adguard creates temporary HTTPS exceptions randomly #1144


[Changed] Stealth mode settings UI changes #1153
[Fixed] Click on any taskbar item results in main window appear #1133
[Fixed] Main window is opened when user opens Filter Editor or Log #1138
[Fixed] UI button placement bug #1146
[Fixed] 'Block first party cookies' checkbox doesn't work #1147


[Fixed] Userscript execution issue #1134
[Fixed] Some userscripts don't work after the 6.1.232 beta update #1145


[Fixed] Ads leftovers removed on youtube.com #1141
[Fixed] AdsBypsser setting/configuration doesn't work in Firefox #1139
[Fixed] Popup blocker breaks ok.ru menu navigation #1142
[Fixed] fs.to is broken by Extensions module #1135

Urgent hotfix: beta

[Fixed] Hotfix for Adguard Assistant
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Thank you, sadly the languages are not the latest included :(

Also strings related "Block first-party cookies" are not available at oneskyapp.
Same for the timeout tooltip.

Please add the added javascript rules to the protocol list as due to the change we can't see in view-source the added javascript rules of the site anymore.
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Thank you, sadly the languages are not the latest included :(

Also strings related "Block first-party cookies" are not available at oneskyapp.
Same for the timeout tooltip.

Please add the added javascript rules to the protocol list as due to the change we can't see in view-source the added javascript rules of the site anymore.
We want to publish beta as soon as possible, so we have decided to sacrifice oneskyapp texts. Of course we'll added them a little bit later.
Why do you need them in view-source?


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To verify the rule is added as sometimes a typo in a rule can happen.

Boo Berry

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I can confirm the AdsBypasser and YouTube+ userscripts work great now.

What's the shortcut to show the userscript menu within the browser (so we can change userscript settings, if available)? Perhaps this functionality should be added to the Assistant during the 6.2 phase?


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When I only open the Filter Protocol/Editor, the main window is opened too :(
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I have noticed today after update to this beta that our Roundcube webmail doesn't show mails. I can login but no mails are displayed, just loading ... If I put the site to the exceptions from filtering mails are seen. This issue had to be brought by this beta because up to update everything worked fine. Unfortunately I cannot help more as I'm about to leave for more than a week. Luckily it works on Android and iOS.


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Please add the added javascript rules to the protocol list as due to the change we can't see in view-source the added javascript rules of the site anymore.
It is now moved to the separate file, but you should be able to see it in the browser dev tools.


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In fact there're a lot more issues caused by the #1099. I suppose that when we fix them roundcube issue will be fixed as well.

Boo Berry

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Any progress on the new WFP driver? Will it address the ESET incompatibility (and not Kaspersky, etc?).


Clicking "reset setings to defaults" under "advanced" from the tray icon's right click menu resets absolutely everything. It deletes all non-standard filter subscriptions and empties the user filter. It would be great if we could have some more choice here. Would it be possible to have a "reset to defaults" option for each individual sector under settings (General Settings, Ad Blocker, Stealth Mode et cetera)?
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