[AdGuard for Windows] v6.1.326.1705 RC

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v6.1.326.1705 RC

The TDI driver issue was fixed and the HTTPS exclusions list underwent a major update.

As usual, you can find all beta versions on GitHub.

v6.1.323.1699 RC

This version is super important for two big reasons, both concern networking/compatibility: we have *finally* fixed the compatibility issue with KIS/ESET (big shoutout to everyone who has been helping us with testing numerous builds - @BooBerry @caleb59 @moraks @skipik @The-Commissioner @WhinVader) and, also, we've fixed a certificate issue in modern Chrome versions (59+). Details below.

[Fixed] Compatibility with KIS/ESET: #1565

We'd already claimed to have this fixed in the previous releases, but things turned out to be more complicated. We've come through countless iterations, test builds, and driver updates, and now we are confident enough to say that this time the problem is fixed for real. No more BSODs and other funny stuff when you run Adguard alongside with KIS or ESET.

And again, we can't thank enough everyone who was willing to cope with raw test builds and provided invaluable feedback in order to help us make things right. Just look at the task (#1565) - it is blowing up with comments. We are happy to have such users, you are awesome.

[Fixed] Compatibility with Chrome 59+: #1597

With big news which WFP driver compatibility fix is it could be easy to neglect other changes. And that would be so wrong! This fix, in particular, is of utmost importance. It ensures Adguard will run without problems on modern (v59+) Chrome versions. Otherwise, there would be troubles with Adguard certificate validation.


[Fixed] Adguard Service keeps downloading data after closing the browser #1599
[Fixed] An error encountered when adding a filter by URL #1583

Beta v6.1.312.1629

This update is actually a release candidate. After so many betas, we have finally finished tweaking the network driver, and feel ready to push it into release. Few minor bugs that left were cleaned up here.

[Changed] HTTPs exclusions list was updated #1517
[Fixed] 'Hide user search queries' option breaks the 'maximize' button graphics #1536
[Improved] Cosmetic exception rules compilation speed #1533

Beta v6.1.309.1615

This is the third back-to-back beta version that updates and fine-tunes WFP driver. Some other related issues were fixed as well.

[Added] $network basic rules modifier to solve the issue with loading ads through WebRTC #1297

This modifier serves to block initial level requests to selected IPs. It can be used by custom rules creators in cases when STUN servers are used for loading ads.

[Fixed] Routers pages access issue #1524

Some routers' interfaces were not accessible with enabled Adguard after the latest beta update. The new version fixes this problem.

[Improved] The way we respond to HTTP protocol violation #1452

It would take too long to explain technical nuances, but effectively this fixes the problem some users might have come across before: when you try to open a page and it is downloaded as a file instead.

[Changed] HTTPS exceptions list is updated #1532

Beta v6.1.306.1604

This is a hotfix for the recent beta update, containing only one, but major fix.

[Fixed] DNS requests are blocked when KIS 2017 is installed #1522

One of the changes made in the latest beta ended up blocking DNS requests when KIS 2017 is installed, which effectively means no Internet access. New build fixes this problem.

Beta v6.1.303.1594

The first beta of the new year features one much-awaited change and a lot of other, less impactful ones. This change is, of course, the new WFP driver. Read on to find out what consequences it will have. Other changes are either technical or minor. Several bugs were fixed, which will improve overall filtering quality.


[Improved] WFP driver was updated to fix compatibility issues with KIS and ESET #1497

Previously, it was not unusual at all that Adguard would have compatibility issues with some antiviruses, and KIS and ESET being the most common ones. The workarounds existed but were far from ideal - you had had to sacrifice some parts of functionality on either Adguard or antivirus side. With updated WFP driver these conflicts will be no more, allowing users to run Adguard alongside with KIS and ESET.

[Fixed] $popup rule bug #1504
[Fixed] QUIC protocol issue when KIS is installed #1482
[Fixed] Ads are loaded through WebRTC with STUN protocol #1297
[Fixed] 'Disable Fast Open' setting doesn't work in latest Insider Preview builds #1487
[Fixed] Several issues in Firefox with the default value of 'Hide you user-agent' setting #1493
[Improved] Userscripts are used dynamically now #1361

Ad Blocking

[Changed] Extra Steam executables removed from the list of filtered apps #1468
[Fixed] Invalid executable for CentBrower #1453
[Fixed] $replace rules aren't applied to .m3u8 files content #1428
[Fixed] Regular expressions with $ aren't processed properly #1475


[Added] A new advanced settings property to change the injection method - local or remote #1492
[Changed] Version history link in about section #1471
[Changed] Parental Control password protection is made separate for different Windows user accounts #1480


[Changed] Opera Neon browser added to the list of filtered apps #1495
[Changed] Orbitum browser added to the list of filtered apps #1467
[Changed] The displayed year is updated to 2017 everywhere #1500
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Boo Berry

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For the sake of being clear, the KIS/ESET Smart Security thing only works with the latest versions of KIS/ESET Smart Security, right? Not older versions? You have to be using Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 or ESET Smart Security 10?


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So I have to wait for a newer version of Eset Endpoint Protection as it seems only consumer version got updated and not the business version :(


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We have not yet tested it with older KIS and ESET versions. Seems to be okay with the latest versions.

Boo Berry

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I'm trialing ESET Internet Security 10 right now, and I've gotta say I'm impressed! No more issues whatsoever with the WFP driver! :D

EDIT: Got myself an ESET Internet Security subscription for 2 years. YAY!


I updated the latest beta version today

The system is WIN10 64 RS1, KIS 2017, open the WFP Web page will not open, it should be a DNS error

Close WFP is normal


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Just installed the new beta , works just fine :) still the YouTube-buffering-issue remains in IE 11 (only adding googlevideo.com to the exceptions HTTPS helps).
Thanks and have a nice weekend.

Boo Berry

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Minidumps can be located in the C:\Windows\minidump or C:\Winnt\minidump folder. I recommend zipping them (or 7zipping them) and uploading them to a upload site like Dropbox, Mediafire or Mega.
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