AdGuard for Windows v6.1.331

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This update might not be the biggest one, in a sense it doesn't feature any revolutionary additions or the immense number of changes. But it's surely a unique one, and it's because it is by far the most influenced by the user feedback. We sincerely thank everyone who has helped us!

It is super important for two big reasons, both concern networking/compatibility: we have *finally* fixed the compatibility issue with KIS/ESET and, also, we've fixed a certificate issue in modern Chrome versions (59+). Details below.

[Fixed] Compatibility with KIS/ESET #1565

Adguard used to have compatibility issues with such antivirus software like Kaspersky and ESET. Users had to seek for compromises: disabling SSL scanning in antivirus, disabling WFP driver or even HTTPS filtering in Adguard. The core of the problem was the WFP network driver incompatibility, and we had had plans to develop a new driver for what now seems like an eternity.

We'd already claimed to have this fixed in the previous releases, but things turned out to be more complicated. We've come through countless iterations, test builds, and driver updates, and now we are confident enough to say that this time the problem is fixed for real. No more BSODs and other funny stuff when you run Adguard alongside with KIS or ESET.

And again, we can't thank enough everyone who was willing to cope with raw test builds and provided invaluable feedback in order to help us make things right. Just look at the GitHub task - it is blowing up with comments. We are happy to have such users, you are awesome.

[Fixed] Compatibility with Chrome 59+ #1597

With big news which WFP driver compatibility fix is it could be easy to neglect other changes. And that would be so wrong! This fix, in particular, is of utmost importance. It ensures Adguard will run without problems on modern (v59+) Chrome versions. Otherwise, there would be troubles with Adguard certificate validation.


[Changed] The search criteria in the filtering log were extended #1513
[Changed] Connections are not allowed if DH1024 is in use #1616
[Changed] The default HTTPS exclusions list has been updated #1618
[Fixed] Adguard Service keeps downloading data after closing the browser #1599
[Fixed] An error encountered when adding a filter by URL #1583
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