[AdGuard for Windows] v6.2.432 RC

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v6.2.433 RC

We know we promised the previous RC would have been the last one, but the latest Chrome update served as a cause for another bug that we felt needs to be fixed. The changes are minor.

Anyway, this version is already available for download on the website, and will be pushed to release update channel very soon.

[Fixed] content-length duplicate header issue #1982
[Improved] GM_openInTab to handle data URLs in chrome #1971

New build on GitHub
Direct download

v6.2.432 RC

This is the last release candidate to end them all, we promise. The release is right behind the corner. The only change here is about compatibility issues with different antiviruses — a routine that has to be done before any release.

[Changed] "HasConflictWithWpf" flag values have been updated #1976

New build on Github
Direct download

v6.2.431 RC

Presumably, the last release candidate before the inevitable coming of AdGuard v6.2. The highlight of this version is integration with a reports web app. Read below to see what it is and why is it so cool. AdGuard default userscripts have been updated(Assistant, PopupBlocker), and other minor changes have been made too.

[Added] Integration with ReportsWebApp #1964

When it comes to keeping our filter lists updated, we owe our users a big one. Thanks to their timely reports of missed ads, false positives etc., AdGuard filters are always up-to-date. We want make the process of reporting a website easy for users and informative for filter developers, that’s why we decided to integrate AdGuard for Windows with a special web reporting tool.

When you see any problem like missed ad or annoyance, click on the Assistant icon and choose“Report this website”. You will be taken to a new page and asked to fill in some information about your AdGuard settings and the nature of the problem. Good thing is that AdGuard pre-fills most of the fields automatically, so most of the job is already done for you.

We hope this change will strengthen the feedback from our users and allow AdGuard filters to stay at the cutting edge of ad blocking technology.

Ad blocking

[Fixed] Chromium is not filtered by default #1956


[Fixed] Ctrl+Z does not work in any input field #1960
[Fixed] Filter editor bug #1969
[Fixed] User filter is always empty when"Filter editor" is opened for the first time #1970


[Changed] Localizations have been updated
[Fixed] Userscript is not injected #1958
[Fixed] Problematic userscript prevents others from working #1962

New version on Github

Beta v6.2.424

Hey guys!

This beta version has a strong emphasis on extensions handling. Besides the re-introduction of AdGuard PopupBlocker userscript (that has been improved a good amount, by the way), we have changed the way we handle external userscripts. AdGuard Assistant and the integration mode of AdGuard Browser extension have been shown some love too.

That’s not the only news, of course. Four new localizations have been added, and then all the usual suspects: bugfixes, compatibility issues, minor UI tweaks.

[Added] AdGuard PopupBlocker extension v2.1 #1883

For quite a while now, AdGuard works as a userscript manager — you can install any script via AdGuard to use it in any browser. PopupBlocker has always been one of the 'native' userscripts that are installed by default, alongside AdGuard Assistant. Its purpose is clear — to block any unwanted pop-ups.

Previous version (v1.0) was functional but very little beyond that. We have completely redesigned the PopupBlocker. It now has advanced pop-up detection, compared to its predecessor and its alternatives, restores the initial click behavior and is invisible to other scripts. All in all, new PopupBlocker is a solid addition to your online protection suite.

By the way, it is available as a standalone script that can be used on its own with any other userscript manager. To find more information about PopupBlocker, visit its GitHub repository.

[Changed] The way AdGuard handles userscripts #1714

A lot of effort has been put into improving (better to say, rethinking) the way AdGuard works with userscripts. This actually has two different aspects:

First, from now on, the communication between AdGuard and Assistant is based on WebSocket, which results in better performance. This is also perfectly applicable to AdGuard Browser extension, when it is working in the integration mode with AdGuard for Windows.

Second, we have taken a whole complex of measures that allow for any external userscripts that you install via AdGuard to show higher speed and execution stability.

Related issues:
[Added] @noframes attribute support #1895
[Fixed] Userscript wrapper breaks window functions #1869
[Fixed] GM_addStyle implementation is not reliable #1759
[Fixed] @grant none is not being applied #1870
[Fixed] Userscript does not run on cross-origin iframes #1892
[Fixed] cloneInto, createObjectIn, exportFunction support #1875
[Fixed] instanceof event does not work as expected #1871
[Fixed] Errors in browser console #1740

[Added] New localizations #1882

Thanks to volunteers who continuously do an amazing job translating AdGuard into other languages, we were able to add even more localizations, such as:
  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Danish
  • Persian
Other languages localizations have been updated too.

Ad blocking
[Added] "Block third-party authorization header" Stealth Mode option #698
[Added] An option to hide Java and Flash support #1064
[Changed] The $important modifier is now applied to rules created by enabling/disabling filtering via Assistant #1924

[Fixed] DNS is unreachable when using AdGuard #1918
[Fixed] HTTPS filtering on dropbox.com does not work sometimes #1902
[Fixed] AdGuard breaks local HTTPS connections #1896
[Fixed] Wrong ciphers order #1884
[Fixed] AdGuard 6.2.390 on Windows 10 stops browsing until user kill the process #1901
[Fixed] SHA-1 intermediate issue #1702

[Added] "Storage" and "Reinstall" buttons on “Extensions” screen #1893
[Changed] Interface has been optimized for screen readers #352
[Changed] Update channel is now set to "Beta" if you install or update AdGuard to beta version #196
[Fixed] Filtering log and Filter editor windows have different styles #1920
[Fixed] Cancel button is missing #1899
[Fixed] Cannot close "validation error" dialog when editing a userscript #1894
[Fixed] Log export does not work #1900
[Fixed] A “new line” symbol is added after copying a rule in Filter editor #1878
[Fixed] Changing Advanced settings does not lead to network filtering restart #1800

[Changed] Spotify app has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #1904
[Fixed] "Add application" tool in “Filtered Apps” can't detect installed Viber #1559
[Fixed] Several third-party userscripts compatibility issues

New version on Github

Beta v6.2.390

One more beta version before we are ready to present a release candidate. The biggest functionality change in this version is the new option to create custom filters which are not tied to any local file or URL - you will find more in the description.

Ad blocking

[Added] An option to create custom filters not backed with a file #1669

In addition to the usual option of adding any list by URL or loading it from a local file, you can now create independent new filters from scratch. It is possible to create several such filters, give each of them their own name and fill with any rules. As a result, you can create a set of specified filters which can be separately enabled, disabled and edited.

[Fixed] No filtering with TCP Fast Open enabled in Firefox Nightly #1867
[Improved] "ExtendedCss" module has been upgraded to v1.0.8 #1823
[Improved] Multiple filters can be automatically enabled as language-specific at once now #1758


[Changed] WoSign and StartCom Certificates have been completely deprecated #1359
[Fixed] Invalid gzip causes connection to hang #1817
[Fixed] Adguard cannot handle huge chunks properly #1772
[Fixed] Impossible to set custom IP in Stealth Mode #1828
[Improved] WebRTC detection #1831
[Improved] The strong key exchange within secure connections has been enforced #1728


[Added] "Adguard service" description #422
[Changed] Program logo and "About" screen have been updated #1812
[Changed] The EULA has been updated #1824
[Changed] Graying out the disabled modules has been uniformed across the app #1827
[Fixed] Search tooltip bug #1830
[Fixed] Complete exit functionality bugs #1826
[Fixed] Remote address bug in Filtering log #1852
[Improved] Support for the PT-PT localization has been added #1640


[Changed] The list of HTTPS exclusions has been updated
[Fixed] Typos #1825
[Fixed] Adguard crashes when you block a request in the filtering log #1868

As usual, the whole changelog can also be found on GitHub.

Beta v6.2.369

In this beta version, we mainly concentrated on the UI changes, as we go on with tweaking the Filtering Log interface. A couple of other notable tasks here as well, for example, the addition of a complete 'Exit Adguard' functionality.

[Improved] A complete "Exit Adguard" functionality was added #1509

Now users have a choice between closing Adguard as they usually do, and closing it completely. That means closing the Windows service as well as UI, and when UI is getting started again, the service will start as well (you may be asked for the admin privileges, though).

Ad Blocking

[Fixed] Notification API isn't blocked properly #1706

[Fixed] $replace rules are applied to HTTPS sites even when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1752


[Changed] Multiple Filtering Log UI changes #1750

We continue to hone the Filtering Log UI to make it as convenient for you to use, as possible. We thank everyone from Adguard forums who contributed to the discussion for their feedback.

[Added] A "Reset to defaults" button to the Extensions settings #1473

[Added] A "Preview" feature for the blocked requests in Filtering Log #1695

[Changed] Dutch localization was updated #1663

[Changed] Hebrew localization was updated #1548

[Changed] The maximum number of records in the Filtering Log was limited #1723

[Changed] All elements in Filter Editor UI are now shown as disabled until rules are fully loaded #1638

[Changed] The Filter Editor does not allow switching to other filters now when you're in the edit mode #1656

[Fixed] "Support" contact form is missing #1753

[Fixed] Crash after exiting Adguard via the tray menu #1697

[Fixed] Filters content is being written to the application log #1703

[Fixed] UI crash when disabling the service with opened Filtering Log #1751

[Fixed] Can't use `0` as a value for self-destructing cookies setting #1642

[Fixed] Closing the right pane for a blocked request in Filtering Log does not highlight the entry #1729

[Improved] Speed of searching in Filter Editor and Filtering Log was increased #1725


[Fixed] Adguard cannot filter Edge HTTPS traffic when TCP Fast Open is turned ON #1093

[Improved] Adguard doesn't recognize userscript updates when the version string is too long #1541


[Fixed] Assistant settings are reset with the 3.0 -> 4.0 update #1738

[Fixed] Adguard Assistant breaks Chrome Web Store #26

[Improved] Data is now being preprocessed before the import/export #1691

[Improved] The log file is now being validated before importing #1722

[Improved] Log columns were reordered #1779

Beta v6.2.357

After the last beta version, we have received a ton of remarks from our users, mostly about the new filtering log. It was somewhat expected, as the changes were many and it's hard to hit the nail on the head on the first try. So in this update, we address a lot of these problems (not all of them - it's a work in progress) and introduce the first iteration of the new Adguard Assistant.

Adguard Assistant

The first step towards the new Assistant has been made. In fact, we plan to do a lot of new stuff with Assistant, so we decided to allocate it a separate GitHub repository: https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdguardAssistant/
The Assistant-related tasks are going to be moved there and by the release of Assistant v4.0, it will become a fully operational repository.

By the way, you may notice that the 'Report website' button currently leads to GitHub. This is a temporary measure; it is not convenient for a casual user, and we will implement a special report collector for this purpose.

What's done already? The biggest change is the ability to drag the Assistant icon across the page and place it wherever you see fit. Moreover, Adguard will remember the position of the Assistant icon for each website separately, so you can really customize it according to your taste and preferences.

The Assistant interface overall has become smaller but retained full functionality compared to earlier versions. There is even one new feature: a switch for toggling the filtering on the website on and off. Previously, the Assistant wasn't shown on websites with disabled filtering, and you had to go to User filter to enable it back.

Oh, and we need your help translating the new Assistant. Did you know that anyone can volunteer as a translator? If you feel confident, head right here] and find your native language.

Ad Blocking

[Added] $extension modifier #1542
[Changed] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest got rid of #1503
[Fixed] Adguard can not recognize :empty+div selector #1687


[Changed] XMLHttpRequest in the API is now protected #1434
[Fixed] Dropbox CSP messes with Adguard scripts #1678
[Fixed] Warnings about synchronous requests #1688
[Fixed] SHA-1 intermediate issue #1702
[Fixed] Stealth mode settings may break filtering completely #1693


[Added] Filtering log export feature #1662
[Added] Search function was added to the preview textarea #1694
[Added] A loader is shown while Filter Editor is being prepared to be opened #1638
[Added] "Start time" and "Time" fields in the log records #1677
[Added] Filtering log records context menu #1668
[Changed] "Applied rules" appearance #1676
[Changed] Values in the details panel are now selectable #1667
[Changed] Resizing the details pane was made more convenient #1675
[Changed] UDP/TCP and HTTPS tunnel connections moved to the "Other" section of the filtering log #1670
[Fixed] "Connection" type records issues #1674
[Fixed] GUI can't start after changing language #1664
[Fixed] New filtering log does not display removed elements #1660
[Fixed] Filtering log search does not show UDP requests #1658
[Fixed] User installed disabled filters are enabled after checking for updates #1692
[Fixed] Facebook response preview is broken as preview tool does not support Brotli #1657


[Fixed] Stealth mode blocks Bitrix24 calls #1685
[Fixed] A generic hiding rule in third-party filter is not being applied #1696
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I would like an option to not show the details panel automatically when selecting a record. A simple Details button is enough for me.


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I would like an option to not show the details panel automatically when selecting a record. A simple Details button is enough for me.
Give it a try. As a man who does creates new filter rules pretty often, I love the details panel.
Wait, you actively revamped the Filtering Log (don't get me wrong, it's a solid revamp with useful additions) and it still doesn't offer any way to export, save or even just copy its contents? It's crazy that function was missing in the first place but it boggles my mind that it's still missing.

Especially since just about every reply to on issue both on this forum and by your official support is "show us your filtering log". Which AdGuard makes as difficult as humanly possible.

Is an export function something you are working on?


Beta Tester
just installed the new beta 6.2.346 - everything installs & works fine at first impression.... no issues so far with the TDI-driver.
I translated already a while ago the foreseen new things in Dutch, but I see that the Dutch translation (Nederlands) is not updated in this beta-version with the new phrases (ie. import.... export,...). Can you include it in the next beta, so I can review & improve my translations if necessary.
Thanks & nice weekend :) Rik

Boo Berry

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Great beta thus far! I'm guessing the Adguard Assistant 4.0 landing got pushed back?
I don't even think that right clicking is all that terribly counter-intuitive. Harder to discover, maybe, but there isn't really too much wrong with it.

The big issue is that copying individual requests is actually far less useful than a entire block of them. I found no way to mark and copy/export/save multiple requests. And that's what's desperately missing at the moment.

If you want to track down why a site is breaking or an ad is slipping through or an anti-adblock measure is successful you want to copy the log for that page in its entirety. I found no way to do that.

Click "save" or "export"? Nope!
Mark multiple lines and press copy or Ctrl+C? Nope, can't even select multiple lines.
Select a couple of lines and right click on them? Nope, at least I'm unable to do so.

There's just no sane way of doing one of the most important and frequent use cases for a log and that's incredibly frustrating.


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Give it a try. As a man who does creates new filter rules pretty often, I love the details panel.
Don't like it. I can't manually highlight a section and copy it, rather I have to press on Open in browser and then copy it.


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Don't like it. I can't manually highlight a section and copy it, rather I have to press on Open in browser and then copy it.
Right-click should bring up the context menu with copy item.

Also, you can use the "Adding rule" dialog and change the rule right there.


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I have a few generic rules and then it is blocked. But I have also a few txt file rule sets where I put specific entries.
Right click is just a nuisance which was not there before. Please just add an option to get the classic previous version back.
Also when manually copying a lot if items I need to see the rule text and it is everytime hidden by that new pane.
Also sometimes I only have to copy a bit of the request and not the full request and with right click that is not possible like before.
Also it doesn't even show anymore which filter list blocked it.
That new "assistant" always puts $third-party and $domain. Let the user decide rather than put it at enabled first.
It is no fun and only hassles for me to manage my txt file filter lists with that change.

Reverting back to previous version due to this for me stupid change.
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Right-click should bring up the context menu with copy item.
I personally like the details pane, but the fact that almost nothing in the entire filter log can be highlighted or copied is insanely frustrating!

Absolutely anything outside of the detail pane can't be highlighted or copied, partially or fully.
Almost nothing inside of the details pane can be copied, fully or partially.
Request URLs can be copied, but only from the details pane, only fully and not partially. Stupid.
UDP request IPs can't be copied at all. (Seriously, I just saw an odd UDP request made by Chrome, wanted to look up who the IP belongs to and the only way to do so is to manually copy and type it in ... WTF!).

Why can't all or at least almost all of the content of the filtering log behave like the text when I click "view source"? That text behaves like text and can be highlighted and copied to all my heart's content! Why won't it act like that when it's parsed? Seriously, make it possible to highlight all of the text and you have solved half of the problem. That can't be so hard.

The filtering log is for advanced users and for troubleshooting. It should be as easy as possible to copy content from the filtering log somewhere else. It should be possible to export the content as text or .csv file or whatever ... just let us export it.

Instead it's actively working against the user and makes it borderline impossible to get the content out of it. It feels like working with a copy protected PDF file rather than a log-viewer for advanced users.


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But you couldn't do anything like that in the previous version, I just don't get it.

There was a modal dialog window above all the content, and the only thing you could do is clicking "Copy request data", which was very inconvenient.
Could you please show me at least on a screenshot, what are the use cases.


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User could previously select the request, manually highlighting the items he wanted and copy.

Also that new pane is not even resizable. Why did you make a change which can't even be disabled in the first place for people who hate that new behaviour.
I assume you were replying to @Blaz. The only downside I see with the new details pane is that you inexplicable managed to make it even harder to copy anything of value out of it.


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A change should be also made to the setup which lets the user install an older version with retaining previous configurations rather than just put up the message "Adguard is already installed".

@Purple Tentacle
I think he was replying to you.
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