AdGuard for Windows v6.2.437

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Over the last weeks, we've received several reports about bugs that slithered in the latest release. They turned out to be both moderately important and relatively easy to fix, so we decided to release a new update off-schedule.

[Fixed] "Reinstall certificate" feature does not work in Firefox 2013

While not being the most important feature, the automatic certificate reinstall is more relevant for Firefox-based browsers than for any other ones. This fix eliminates the need to do it manually.

[Fixed] Connect to failed: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED #1991
[Fixed] Can't send pictures in desktop Viber app #1990

[Fixed] Fix the translation for the 'Get Premium' tile #1999
[Fixed] Baofeng video software compatibility issue #1993
[Fixed] Several userscripts compatibility issues #1986

New build on GitHub
Direct download

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Just took Adguard for a spin after 4 months and I found that my previous post still stands good.

[Added] "Adguard service" description -1
[Changed] Program logo and "About" screen have been updated -2
[Changed] The EULA has been updated-3
[Changed] Graying out the disabled modules has been uniformed across the app -4
[Fixed] Complete exit functionality bugs-5
[Fixed] Typos -6
  1. The service description still mentions - "online counters". While I get the intention, the wording maynot be proper, 'online tracking counters or simply online trackers' may sound better worded. The term "Online counter", taking it as standalone, may not be such a bad thing.
  2. The program logo still remains the old one for me in the taskbar and in the start menu. Also it would be better to rewrite the Adguard Software Ltd. in the about screen in caps. That would be smart way of not confusing Adguard and AdGuard - ADGUARD SOFTWARE LTD.
  3. The EULA has not been proof read. There are some mistakes for e.g. like in Clause 1 subclause 5 - "organization," is mentioned, the correct English would have the comma out of the quotes like - "organization", . I forgot to take note of other points but it would be better if it was proof read. There were some wording problem and correct use of punctuation.
  4. Still not applicable in network tab, when using proxy mode, or when https filtering is disabled.
  5. When exit adguard button has been clicked from the tray, ideally, the other tray options should be disabled/greyed out like it happens when your trial runs out. At present, while the exit adguard dialog box is present, you can navigate and open other options.
  6. In the Browsing security module, it still mentions - "Take part in the development of a browsing security module".


Thanks a lot! Points 1, 2, 3, 6 are well noted. 2095 422
Don't see a problem with graying out thing in settings though. Am I missing something? Disabling tray menu is not necessary IMO, but I will discuss this thought with the devs.

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Don't see a problem with graying out thing in settings though. Am I missing something?
There is no problem but it was more about maintaining a uniform standard throughout the app. The explanation was when the overall header/module is disabled, providing configurable sub-options was pointless. More so, when the rest of the app is following this design.

Disabling tray menu is not necessary IMO, but I will discuss this thought with devs.
I'm not saying you disable the tray menu altogether; all I'm saying it that when you have opened the complete exit dialog box, the options contained within the tray menu should be disabled. Otherwise you can have the dialog box open with possibility of opening other navigable screens(because at present the options in the tray menu is available).

Nonetheless, it's your decision.

  • And as promised to @avatar following a reply to my above post, here is a simple bug description.

There is an export adguard state and system state option(and not the export-import setting within GUI) from adguard tray menu.
Choose the save location to be different(like desktop) from the default opened screen(which for me was Documents) asking where to save the log.
After it has finished exporting you will notice that it opens up the Documents folder(default folder) and not the desktop folder(where the actual export has been saved).

There are three ways to deal with the problem acc. to me:-
First and the most obvious is to fix this where the actual export location is opened up.
Second, is to disable the option from your side(Dev side) to not open any folder after exporting.
Third, is to disable the option from your side to not open any folder when any other location other than default has been chosen. And if default location was chosen, then open it.
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