AdGuard for Windows v6.3.1399


While we are still polishing CoreLibs and are not ready to implement it just yet, we can sweeten the waiting with this new release. New "Nightly" update channel, added TLS1.3 support, improved performance and many more other changes.

[Added] Nightly update channel


The concept of a “Nightly” build is very simple. It literally means “a build that is released at the end of every day”, hence “nightly”. In reality, it may not happen every single day, but rather every 3 or 4 days, but the idea is there. All the latest changes made by developers will be included in the nightly build (yes, including possible bugs — be prepared!). If you feel that beta is not enough for you, and you need to be a step ahead of the rest, this is the choice for you. Just go to AdGuard settings and switch to Nightly update channel.

[Added] TLS1.3 Support (draft 28) #2155


TLS 1.3 is a new version of the cryptographic protocol used to encrypt messages sent via HTTP. It is faster, more secure and overall better than its predecessors. It has not been accepted by IETF as a standard yet, but it is only a matter of time. The process has already started, and we want to be at the forefront, and thus we have already added the TLS 1.3 (draft 28) support. As not everyone supports TLS1.3 yet, there can be problems on some websites potentially, so we added a new advanced setting to switch between TLS versions at will.

[Added] Option to subscribe to a filter by clicking a special link on a webpage #1945


Many filter developers put a special subscription link on their filters' homepage. Now AdGuard is able to detect these links when you click on them and will ask you if you'd like to subscribe to that filter right away. A minor thing, but it will save you just enough of extra clicks to be worthy.

[Added] A notice to inform about closed connections to websites with EV certificate #2015


Some websites have so-called EV (extended validation) certificates — basically, this means that the owner went through a very long and thorough process of validating their identity. In other words, these websites are generally the safest on the web. Filtering these websites is often extensive, as they rarely have ads anyway, but can sometimes lead to conflicts. AdGuard provides an option to disable filtering for such websites, and if it is enabled, a notification will inform you when you visit them for the first time. Clicking on the notification will allow to force filtering on the website anyway.

[Added] Stealth mode options applied to requests added to Filtering log #247


This is something a lot of aspiring filtering rules creators asked for. Knowing which Stealth Mode options affected this or that request is often crucial when working on a new rule. Now you can find it right in the Filtering log when you select a request. For sure, this sounds a little bit nerdy for an average user, but we try to take into account needs of all our users, casual and advanced alike.

[Changed] Default builder has been drastically reworked #1965

Basically, this is the change that caused the build size reduction that was advertised in the introduction. As the app accretes new features over the years and the code mounts up, this becomes more and more relevant. Thanks to this change, now we can add even more!

[Improved] Better support for visually impaired users #2068

AdGuard tries to provide the best online experience for all users alike, and visually impaired users are no exception. Starting with this version, AdGuard menus are much better suited to be read by NVDA Screen Reader and other screen reading programs.

[Improved] Filters update procedure's performance #2211

If you had the misfortune of a habit to update your filters often, you certainly noticed that it took quite a lot of time, as well as installing new filters. We addressed this problem, the situation should change drastically for the better now.

Ad Blocking

[Added] Option to subscribe to a filter by clicking a special link on a webpage #1945
[Fixed] "Block Flash" setting doesn't block Adobe Flash #2058
[Fixed] AdGuard cannot start protection after installing an update #2033
[Fixed] Cannot parse CSP from a meta tag #2207
[Fixed] HTML parser fails on #2221
[Fixed] Incorrect exception rule is created with Assistant #2265
[Fixed] Applications manually added to “filtered apps” get removed after an update #2195
[Improved] ExtendedCss has been updated to version 1.10 #2152


[Added] New approach to switching the update channel for default userscripts #2177
[Changed] Common API response format to use for XHR and WS APIs #2228
[Changed] HTTP headers with an empty value are not ignored from now on #2264
[Changed] Existing connections of filtered apps are closed now on AG startup #1977
[Changed] Problem with Github discontinuing TLS 1.0/1.1 support has been addressed #2098
[Changed] Symantec certificates have been deprecated #1634
[Changed] TDI, WFP drivers and libs have been updated #2089
[Fixed] CSP issue at #2151
[Fixed] Invalid HTTP response header prevents a website from opening #2188
[Fixed] and other online tests show as if AdGuard does not block WebRTC #1995
[Fixed] The issue with FIPS security error on license check #1033
[Improved] Method for detecting untrusted certificates has been improved in accordance with Chrome policy #2171


[Added] A notice to inform the user about closed connections to websites with EV certificate #2015
[Added] A “Beautifier” to the Filtering log and userscripts editor #1671
[Added] Stealth mode options applied to requests added to Filtering log #247
[Added] Swedish localization #2173
[Changed] Filtering log — long rules now collapse while in detailed mode #1845
[Changed] Several localizations updated #2088
[Changed] More details added to "AdGuard service" description #422
[Changed] Old links have been replaced with new ones #2102
[Changed] Parental control password is now hidden while typing #1816
[Changed] The first screen of the installer #2240
[Fixed] "Referer" field is now disabled unless "Hide Referer" is enabled #2025
[Fixed] AdGuard breaks encoding of a custom filter #2232
[Fixed] Can’t export/import configuration in Spanish localization #2018
[Fixed] Filter editor bug when pressing backspace #1439
[Fixed] Filter status change is not applied #2180
[Fixed] GUI hangs when enabling/disabling filter lists #2036
[Fixed] Incorrect "time updated" value is shown after filter remove/install #2220
[Fixed] Incorrect version of custom filter is displayed after an update #2206
[Fixed] Logo issue #2095
[Fixed] Parental control module doesn't save sensitivity level choice #2257
[Fixed] Toast notifications are broken in Windows Insider Preview #2278
[Fixed] Sometimes app crashes after adding an HTTPS exclusion #2024
[Fixed] The disclaimer in "About" window is hidden while updating #2165
[Fixed] The ~ symbol looks like - in Parental control settings #2219
[Fixed] Windows notification center is unavailable after first install #2268
[Improved] Handling of plural forms in localizations #2046


[Changed] Digital signature and description #2045
[Changed] Restrictions on the length of non-script and non-style elements have been removed #2237
[Changed] Suppress browser cache on a GM storage state change #2258
[Fixed] "Traditional Chinese" language file title #2190
[Fixed] block_third_party_auth parameter does not work #2073
[Fixed] App has crashed while being closed from tray #2019
[Fixed] Application update clears userscripts' storage even for the same update channel #2194
[Fixed] Cannot export settings in nightly builds #2204
[Fixed] Crash while closing from the tray #2252
[Fixed] MS Edge is not filtered in the Windows Insider Preview #2270
[Fixed] Tab and arrow keys can be used while in the password protected menu #2012
[Fixed] Userscript's require and resources parameters are not exported along with with its contents #2212
[Fixed] Windows notification center is unavailable #2181
[Fixed] Wrong folder is opened after the export operation is finished #2123
[Fixed] User script name being corrupted while export settings #2275
[Improved] can now be run as a "true" win64 process on 64-bit OS #1809
[Improved] Do not allow auto-switch update channel within the process of the upgrade #2269
[Improved] Traditional Chinese translations for filters have been updated #2245

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Vivek Ghildiyal

New Member
I downloaded this version from the above link and reinstalled but my adguard is still showing as version 6.2.
I even tried a complete uninstall along with the settings, used Iobit uninstaller to uninstall the residue files and reinstalled it was again showing version 6.2. I tried to update from the program itself but I was stuck on this screen forever.

I have bought adguard lifetime licence but I am not able to update the program. Please help me.


Vivek Ghildiyal

New Member
This is what I was trying to tell you before. I already downloaded this >> did a complete uninstallation of the previous version via Iobit uninstaller(which even deletes any residual files) >> Installed this version >> but it somehow shows/reverts to version 6.2 only. I am out of my wits' end on this one.
Neither this method works nor updating works!
P.S. I have also sent a bug report via the support link in the program interface.