AdGuard for Windows version 7.11 Beta 2


Beta Tester
I'm not seeing release notes for this version in the Forum yet but wanted to give you a heads-up about a potential problem resolution solved with the new 7.11 Beta 2 version.

I kept meaning to file a report that the Beta 1 version of 7.11 had with the 'new improved' load times at startup, it was really slow on Win7 x64, taking from less than 3-4 secs previously to over 30 secs before AdGuard 7.11 Beta 1 would load and allow an internet connection to be established.

I didn't report it for two reasons, the first i kept forgetting, the second because Win7 is no longer supported by Microsoft so i felt i should maybe hold back if you no longer develop for Win7 and see what happens with a later build.

As it turns out 7.11 Beta 2 is very close to 7.10 so maybe you were aware of the issue?

In any case i've seen no load time improvement on my Win7 PC compared to 7.10, not even with 7.11 Beta 2, that said the latst Beta 2 build is pretty close to being where 7.10 was, i don't time these things with a diagnostic tool so my best guess would be a difference of a second or two now, enought to know 7.11 is slower but not slow enough to be an issue like 7.11 Beta 1 when it would take 20-30 seconds for Adguard to load and allow an internet connection to be established against where it was with 7.10