[Adguard for Windows ~ Win7] AdGuard is throttling IE11.


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Windows 7, Adguard for Windows 7.1.2817

Before i begin i have to ask, i have a lifetime license with the Update channel set for Beta builds, is this really the latest build for Win7 Beta testers or has something gone wrong with my install... i have tried uninstalling and re-installing but i never seem to get a Beta build for Win7?

I'm not entirely sure when this first surfaced (i.e. which build had the change that first caused it) but i've long thought something was happening with IE11 that souldn't be... it isn't until today that i've taken time the out to run some tests and they appear to confirm my suspicions... AdGuard is slowing down IE11 to the point where it is all but throttling it.

My testing was comparing how Firefox behaved compared to IE11 under two different settings within AdGuard.

I don't have the time to make this post look pretty because there were multiple speedtests run under different conditions but i did take the time to copy the results and links into a text file, what you see below is all the information i gathered in text format... whether this bulletin board manages to convert the text links into hypertext links remains to be seen, but if copied and pasted into a browser they should work if it doesn't.

With WFP driver disabled:

IE11 with Adguard:

Ping 7ms, D/L 315.83Mbps, U/L 36.48Mbps

IE11 without AdGuard:

Ping 2ms, D/L 379.65Mbps, U/L 36.50Mbps

Firefox 68.0.02 With AdGuard:

Ping 7ms, D/L 385.49Mbps U/L 36.55Mbps

Firefox 68.0.02 without AdGuard:

Ping 6ms, D/L 385.73, U/L 36.83Mbps
With WFP driver enabled:


Ping 6ms, D/L 210.60Mbps, U/l 36.49Mbps

Firefox 68.0.02:

Ping 6ms, D/L 376.64Mbps, U/l 36.79Mbps


With the WFP driver disabled the loss of download speed is circa 15-20%, with WFP enabled it is simply horrible.

All of the above can be reproduced at will.
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Internet speed loss most likely a myth. If the website has been filtered by AdGuard the "loss" can contain 5% and this is the way how "speedtest" websites work. The actual speed isn't decreased. Anyway, can you try with this version and check again?


Beta Tester
Thanks for the reply but this is not a myth.

I've tried the nightly build you suggested but the results are the same (see the attached files), a loss of circa 60Mbps is a long way above the 5% you suggest... and given that that that loss is specific to how speedtest works it doesn't help explain why when all my tests have been run on Speedtest one test result should be different from another, unless it IS AdGuard??

I've also tried running IE11 in "no add ons" mode as well just in case there was something conflicting with AG but again the results are the same.

FWIW, Du Meter that i have installed and set for 1 second speed averages also indicates that AG is not handling my speeds well... without AG it will consistently register circa 400Mbps but with AG enabled it rarely reaches that and jumps anywhere from 200Mbps to 390Mbs during a Speedtest run.

With the WFP network driver enabled in AG the results with the nightly build are as they were in my previous build, horrible, just over 200Mbps.


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