AdGuard Home and AdGuard for Windows


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Dear AdGuard Team,

I would like to know what the differences between AdGuard home and AdGuard for windows and are you going to merge the two in the near future?

Boo Berry

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AG Home is a DNS server that you can customize/setup to your needs and use it network-wide with your devices if desired (after setting it up on a router or something like that). Very handy when you have devices, like smart TVs, that can run one of the standalone AG applications. That said since it's DNS-based, it can only block domains and can't do any of the cosmetic filtering that the standalone AG applications can do. I personally run AG Home on a Raspberry Pi, which I've setup my smart TV to use (since I can't run an AG app on it) and it works pretty good... I mean, things like YouTube ad blocking won't work but it does block Netflix and Google trackers.

You can *kinda* accomplish the same type of thing right now in AG for Windows by enabling the AG simplified domain names filter. But, again, it's limited to domain blocking only so it's kinda redundant when the other filters (e.g. Base, Annoyances, etc.) are available.