AdGuard Home and VPN Router


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Sorry, since I couldn't find a sub-forum strictly for AdGuard Home, I will post here.

I have a tomato router( with vpn client connected to NordVPN 24/7. I recently setup a AdGuard Home on a raspberry pi( and have directed my tomato WAN dns from Google DNS( to AdGuard Home( Everything seems to be working the first time I set it up, I can see all queries and statistics.

When I disconnect VPN and reconnect NordVPN, it seems that the VPN client could not connect to the VPN server. Since I have a firewall kill switch, no traffic could connect to internet as well. I isolate the issue and confirm that AdGuard is blocking my VPN connection by ONLY changing the WAN dns from AdGuard Home back to Google DNS, and everything works. If I change the WAN DNS back, there is 50% change traffic does not work, and 50% change it works (yes, it work sometimes I don't know why).

I have tried to change the upstream DNS in AdGuard to NordVPN DNS, but this does not help. I've created a whitelist file locally and added "" as whitelist, but this also does not help. It doesn't make sense that sometimes the VPN works with AdGuard Home but sometimes it doesn't.

My ultimate goal, add AdGuard Home to my working VPN router environment. Any help is appriciated.