AdGuard Home - blocking NordVPN app


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I've recently installed AdGuard Home on my router (v0.103.3)
This works great at blocking ads on all my devices and I'd like to keep using.

Unfortunately I'm having an issue with it, as it's blocking the NordVPN app from communicating.

Normally, I can load up the NordVPN app on one of my devices and it will fully log into the app and bring up a map of server locations that I can connect to.
When I have AdGuard turned on, the app will open but is not able to load up. I just get a spinning icon.

This isn't an app issue, because it's the same across all my devices and all platforms.

As soon as I turn AdGuard off, the app loads up perfectly.

I'm assuming it's just a setting somewhere that I need to add an exception, change a setting or something.

I would greatly appreciate your help as I want to use AdGuard because it's great, but I'm unable to leave it running all the time due to this issue.

Thank you

I have attached 2 screenshots.
1 is with app working correctly, showing a map of locations (AdGuard turned off)
1 is with app being blocked by AdGuard and not loading (AdGuard turned on).


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Try adding @@|| to your custom filtering rules.

But better send a message to NordVPN support and ask why they rely on third-party trackers that much